Note to Louisville…. Fire Rick Pitino ASAP… He is the Problem

By: Monte Perez

When I think of the Mount Rushmore of College Basketball Coaches, 4 names come to mind.

John Wooden: UCLA, 1948-1975, 10 Division I Championships…664-162 record.

Bobby Knight: Indiana, 1971-2000, 3 Division I Championships…902-371 record.

Dean Smith: North Carolina, 1961-1997, 2 Division I Championships…879-254 record

Mike Krzyzewski: Duke,1980-Present,5 Division I Championships…1034-316 record.


Just on the outside looking in would be Roy Williams, Tom Izzo and Rick Pitino. I know attacking Louisville and Pitino is like attacking one of the Five Families from the Godfather. He is royalty and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Kentucky takes a hit on me after this article. I am actually looking over my shoulder as I type this.


The University of Louisville has imposed a one-year postseason ban for its men’s basketball team amid the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into an alleged recruiting scandal at the school. Five former University of Louisville basketball players and recruits told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that they attended parties at a campus dorm from 2010 to 2014 that included strippers paid for by the team’s former graduate assistant coach, Andre McGee.

Over the past two days Pitino and ESPN’s College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas appeared on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Both Bilas and Pitino uttered the same thing, “The system is broken, and these players should not be punished for what was done in the past.” Mike and Mike (like the sheep they are) didn’t ask any tough questions. Pitino should be fired immediately for allowing this to go on over the years. The NCAA is 100% clear on this topic, there is no ambiguity here. A coach can’t use lack of knowledge as a defense. If something happens on a coaches watch, that is detremential to the university or the program it is called “ A Lack of Institutional Control.” Call me crazy, but when you have strippers sleeping with recruits and players in a dormitory… that is the picture perfect definition of Lack of Institutional Control. As a former college basketball coach I can say this with 100 percent certainty, when something happened with one of my players, good, bad, raunchy etc. I knew about it within hours or days.

Pitino said, he would sit out the NCAA Tournament if it meant his team would be eligible to play. Here is a thought, if you care about your players as much as you want the media to believe…QUIT!  All these allegations happened on YOUR watch. You are punishing players for your incompetence.

Louisville suspended themselves, so they are basically admitting to everyone that this happened. They wouldn’t punish themselves if the accusations were false. So they are guilty but the guy who runs the team is not guilty? What type of Topsy-Turvy world do we live in where villains are above the law and looked upon as heroes. This wasn’t an isolated incident, THIS WENT ON FOR OVER 4 YEARS.

If Pitino knew, he should be fired. If he didn’t know, he should be fired. If he isn’t…the system is truly broken because he is above the NCAA Law.

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