NFL Week 6: Joe Cardoso Top 10

By: Joe Cardoso

NFL week 6 already? Wow, this season just like 2018 is flying by and the games mean that much more . A few teams have a great chance to do two things this week and that is increase a lead in their divisions and also make some REAL statements. Sunday Night Football will be a classic and that is just one of many mouth-watering matchups. Here are my top 10 games/thoughts for the week. Happy NFL Sunday fans!

1. Steelers Vs Bengals: Battle in the Jungle. Raise your hand if you still have little to no faith in Andy Dalton and company….Are the Steelers back on track and ready to get things right? Hard hitting action on deck and a good early day game
2. Falcons Vs Bucs: Joe why is this even mentioned in this article? I tell you why the Falcon season is down to THIS game if they want any chance in the NFC South this is a MUST win. So many injuries on the Atlanta defense next man up or thinking 2019? Jamies Winston season debut what will he show us?
3. Bears Vs Dolphins: Da Bears roll in 3-1 and Khalil Mack and friends look to ruin Ryan Tannehill day. Last time we saw Mitch Trubisky he looked like the second coming of Steve Young. Miami has been falling down EVERYONE’S power rankings does the bleeding stop today?
4. Bills Vs Texans: Things seem to be coming together for Houston and this “trap game” is one they have to win. Josh Allen faces a hell of a defense and 82 yards passing won’t get it done today.
5. Browns Vs Chargers: The Browns haven’t won back to back games since 2014 can they do it? Baker Mayfield is fun to watch and the defense is all about the takeaways. All that said Melvin Gordon is all-league and the LA Chargers offense is 8 in the league. I call this game a toss-up.
6. Cardinals Vs Vikings: It is time for this Vikings team to get rolling and stop being so up and down. Josh Rosen got the teams first win 1st win last week, something tells me this game will be a SKOL blowout.
7. Seahawks Vs Raiders: Can we call this the “We Had It All Wrong” game both teams limp into the contest maybe the London air will inject new life into one of them. Russell Wilson running for his life week after week is so sad to see.
8. SNOW GAME!! Who doesn’t love them? Undefeated Rams head to Denver and don’t think you won’t see a heavy dose of Todd Gurley. Denver only hope is the defense keeps it’s close.
9. Panthers Vs Redskins: Fresh off the beat down by the Bayou the Redskins host the 3-1 Panthers. Carolina trying to keep pace with the Saints needs this one and after what we saw in New Orleans not much faith in Washington. But if you are a skins fan things could be much worse just ask a Giants or Cowboys fan. Washington needs to decide what type of team they want to be today.
10. Jaguars Vs Cowboys: The Jags have had some really big slices of humble pie the last two weeks and this is the perfect game to show what they’ve learned. Dallas is a mess and struggling all over minus Zeke Elliot. Look for the Jacksonville defense to make life hell for Dak Prescott and company.

If you love hard hitting old school football Ravens Vs Titians is for you! A ton of storylines and players under the radar. It is all going down today and I can’t wait to keep the talk going by following @NutsAndBoltsSP. Enjoy the games and the day!!

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