NFL Week 4: What I’m Looking Forward To

By: Joe Cardoso

Thursday night was fun and served as a good intro into NFL week 4. If you didn’t believe in the LA Rams before you should now America. This Sunday the matchup’s have a make or break type feel for some teams, and a let’s get this right feel for others. With that in mind here are my thoughts for NFL Sunday.

  1. Jags Vs Jets: After beating the Patriots we saw a sub-par performance from the Jags they need to win this game period. For Jets fans Sam Darnold has been ok after his sparkling debut, it’s time for a win for this team before its fan base goes off the deep end.
  2. Patriots Vs Dolphins: Haters of the Patriots have their shovels in hand ready to call this team dead. Haven’t not faced a playoff team yet this season folks aren’t buying the Dolphins as legit. This would be the game of the week, but a battle in the AFC North takes that title. We will call this game of the week 2.0 I can’t wait to see it.
  3. Bucs Vs Bears: After Monday’s loss is Fitzmagic over? I was in the front seat of the Mitch Trubisky train and so far the snacks and movie have been bad. Does he turn it around today? And will we see number 3 at QB for Tampa today?
  4. Rookie QB’s are set to take the wheel of a couple of squads. Buffalo, Arizona, Cleveland, New York all start a new leader. Can’t wait to see what Baker does against a weak Raiders defense. And Josh Rosen you said the 9 teams who didn’t draft you made a mistake. Well, young man time to show and prove. If Josh Allen wins Vs the Packers will Vontae Davis try and come back? Too soon??
  5. Texans Vs Colts: Bill O’Brien might want to review his resume a bit if a talented Texans team falls to 0-4 with its 9th ranked offense and studs on D. The Andrew Luck revenge tour looks to get back to .500
  6. Ravens Vs Steelers: One of the BEST games each and every time. These aren’t you’re mama’s Ravens they have an offense and currently the top-ranked defense in the league. WasMonday the wake up call the boys in black and yellow needed? Great choice to have this be a prime-time game, it deserves our full attention.
  7. Chiefs Vs Broncos: Again bravo NFL these must-see battles have to be stand-alone matchups! The phenomenon Patrick Mahomes Vs Von Miller and company. Chiefs can really send a message going 4-0, and I know deep down Case Keenum wants to prove he’s a legit starter in the league. 
  8. Giants Vs Saints: Having some issues on offense? Can’t get in a groove with the run game? Pass blocking suspect? We got just the thing it’s called the New Orleans defense. Saquon Barkley this is the breakout game we’ve been waiting for.
  9. Lions Vs Cowboys: The Lions win this game, Jerry Jones May just explode on live TV. A very good Detroit defense against a Cowboys offense that can’t do anything unless it means Zeke touches the ball every play. Dak Prescott is he being exposed a bit here this season??
  10. Bengals Vs Falcons: This will be John Madden video game on television. Julio Jones, AJ Green and two QB’s that can sling it. Fun for all except the D coordinators. 

Let the good times roll people! I have some last minute Gameday food and beverage runs to make enjoy the day! My “bold prediction” is that by tonight the Cardinals, Texans, and Raiders will all be 0-4. Could we see a coach or coaches gone this early? For more trash talk, food advice and sports conversation follow me @JoeCardoso301 and our site @NutsAndBoltsSP 

Joe Cardoso
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