NFL Week 4: Cincinnati Bengals Beat Atlanta Falcons

Seize The Day!!!

A.J. Green

The Cincinnati Bengals are happy to be 3-1, after their last-second win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Bengals wideouts were gushing about their quarterback, Andy Dalton:

“Unbelievable,” said wide receiver A.J. Green. “Andy is playing at an MVP level right now. The way he diagnosed, carving up the defense, getting us in the right play at all times, man, it’s unbelievable.”

Dalton threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green with 7 seconds remaining, lifting the Cincinnati Bengals to a 37-36 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, in a game where almost everything went wrong.

So depending on your point of view, the glass is either half full or half empty as far as the Cincinnati Bengals is concern.

You can focus on their impressive offense or…their struggling defense.

The Bengals are only into their fourth game of the season and are saddle with a poor defensive unit, while their offense is pouring on the points.

Their offense is routinely beating teams on short passes and deep throws alike.

Cincinnati has been down this very same road in the past, plus I’m a glass half empty individual, but their high-octane offense is definitely fun to watch!

“We didn’t flinch,”, QB Andy Dalton, “We just kept going. That’s what you need to be a really good team and to be a good offense.”

“You’ve got to make the play when your number is called,”, WR – A.J. Green said, “My number was called.”

Maybe the Bengals are finally contenders.

The good teams in the NFL win games like this. They steal them at the end, often because they have a quarterback who has learned to steal them, and maybe, just maybe, Andy Dalton has become that quarterback.

The best teams in the NFL also have a Guy and…

The Guy is a star player who imposes his will at winning time.

That’d be A.J. Green.

The Falcons defense is terrible. But this win, as messy as it was, just looked good. It was one of those character wins coaches love so much.

On the verge of losing a second straight winnable road game, the Bengals didn’t.

Having A.J. Green washes a lot of sins clean,

“That’s why I’m here,’’, he said, “They pay me the big bucks to make the big plays…’’


Written by Julio Olmo – The Voice of One!


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