NFL Week 3: 1st and 10

The games and trends Joe has an eye on.

NFL Week 3

By: Joe Cardoso

What a week in the NFL we saw it all and then some.
Two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks went down with injuries and for me, I wonder if Big Ben comes back next season.
Another future Hall of Fame QB was benched, Eli Manning may not see the field again.
After a stellar debut with the Patriots last Sunday, Antonio Brown behavior off the field earned him a release by the Patriots.
The Dolphins 2 games into “Fish Tank 2019” make a move and insert former 1st round pick Josh Rosen at QB. Whew, think that was everything and with that being said the NFL keeps moving and this week we have some mouth-watering matchups. What will I have my eye on today?

1. Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs: My game of the week hands down, Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes the future of the NFL will be on display. Can the Ravens defense slow down the KC offense? Will Ravens Flock run the ball down their throat? The line play will be nasty and dirty just how I like my football.
2. Atlanta Falcons vs Indianapolis Colts: Trap game alert when healthy I consider Atlanta to be an upper-level team and this is a game they should win. The Colts seem to still be feeling their way through the post Andrew Luck phase. If the Colts D can handle the dirty birds offense they can steal this one.
3.New York Giants vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The debut of Daniel Jones is in Tampa what will we get? Will the Todd Bowels led Bucs defense to have him confused and running for his life? Or is he the spark Giants players and fans have been looking for? Either way can’t wait to see.
4.New Orleans Saints Vs Seattle Seahawks: It wasn’t too long ago Teddy Bridgewater was the future of the Minnesota Vikings and playing in playoff games. The comeback from the knee injury is over and this is his time. Can he grab it and hold it down until #9 is back? For the Seahawks, no one is talking about them and they like it that way. The 12th man makes winning in Seattle hard.
5.Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins: The question is how many points will the Cowboys score? Or could Josh Rosen shock the boys? No way Dallas loses this right?
6.Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals: Can’t lie this game is all about Kyler Murray and watching him grow weekly. The Panthers go with Kyle Allen under center so the run game will be under the gun to lead the way.
7.Pittsburgh Steelers Vs San Francisco 49ers: Don’t lookm now but San Fran is undefeated and has a real shot at staying that way. Haters will say look at who they’ve played, I say you play whos in front of you. IF the Steelers lose this game the seat under Mike Tomlin could get warm, and his Super Bowl ring may not save him.
8.Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins: Two things that are bad fruit cakes at christmas and the Washington Redskins on primetime. With the issues on offense, the Bears could not have asked for a better team to face. For the skins can they put togther TWO halves of solid football?
9.Los Angeles Rams vs Cleveland Browns: Game of The Week 2.0. Playing a banged up Jets team the Browns looked great but now Aaron Donald, Robert Woods, Todd Gurley and company roll into town. This will be a test for real and the Rams look to keep heading towards another trip to the promise land. .
10.Teams that need to get it DONE: Just win Eagles, Bills, Vikings and Chargers.

Check those fantasy football lineups and knockout the chores maybe even swing by chruch. It’s NFL Sunday people LOCK in and enjoy!!

Joe Cardoso
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