NFL Week 2 Questions and Thoughts

NFL Week 2 Questions and Thoughts

By: Joe Cardoso

Starting with a goal-line stand on Thursday week 2 of the NFL season is underway. Last week had a little bit of everything, but one thing was clear most teams, and especially quarterbacks are rusty. Improvement should be the theme of the day and also a shot at some week 1 star’s to show it wasn’t a fluke, so without delay here are my ten questions/thoughts for the week.

  1.  Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens: After What I saw last week I need more of the “running back”  Lamar Jackson in my life. Was the 4th quarter the real Kyler Murray? What did he learn from the tie and what tricks does this team have? Suggs back in Baltimore also something to watch.
  2. Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins: Redskins fans better pray the pass rush is active, or Dak and the new-look offense will light them up. With injuries, wrong personal moves, and one loss already Washington needs this. Something tells me a heavy load of Zeke is on the menu.
  3. Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings:  Never too early to show a divisional opponent who’s boss. Both teams come in after good looking wins feels like the Packers haven’t played in a month. Is this Packers defense this good? Can Delvin Cook have another show-stopping performance?
  4. New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins:  Fans who attend this game should get a coupon for a free Hour with a grief counselor. Only the Pats could put up 33 on the Steelers and then add Antonio Brown. I’m just here to see how they work him in. The Dolphins get nothing from me.
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans: How could Houston lose this game after the way they lost Monday night? Those guys are pissed and hungry to get back on the field. With Nick Foles out until at least week 11, the era of Gardner Minshew begins today. 
  6. Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants: I knew things would be tough for the G Men, but last week they looked awful. This Bills team is not the same ole same ole, and going 2-0 means something to them. The more I see of Josh Allen, the more the like.
  7. Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Home opener for the black and yellow and looking to bounce back after the horror in New England. The Seahawks just run it down your throat and sprinkle in some play action. Can James Conner find running room against this defense? Will ANYONE on the outside make a play for Big Ben? Juju can’t do it all alone. Can you say Pittsburgh must-win game boys and girls?
  8. Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Raiders lost a great player in Abram but got the win. The offense looked great. Does that all come crashing down today? How good did LeSean McCoy look last week? 
  9. New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams: Saints fans win or lose after today let’s stop talking about the NFC championship game. Thanks. Game of the week and for a good reason. Todd Gurley and Alvin Kamara will give us a show and which defense makes “the play?”
  10.   The Bears and Falcons look to bounce back and get their first W’s of the season: A win from the Eagles would put the rest of the league on early notice that they are for real in 2019.

Strap in and get ready for week two and be on the lookout for our NFL round tables weekly power rankings. For all things, national football league makes sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email list to catch the latest content. Crack open a drink and enjoy the day!!

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