NFL Week 13: Joe Cardoso Top 10

By: Joe Cardoso

Just when you think we have a small idea of what the playoff picture looks like, the puzzle gets shaken and here we are. This is going down as one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory. How do the Chiefs rally and keep things rolling? Do YOU believe in the Dallas Cowboys? Are the Eagles buried and dead? These are just some of the questions that need answers. Week 13 is here what games, teams, and players do I have top of mind?

1. Minnesota Vikings Vs New England Patriots: Oh, you thought they were gone did you. Not so fast the Patriots are still alive and kicking and rounding into form for a run. The Vikings are like 4-5 other teams that need to win out and have no more slip-ups. Foxboro in December is one of the last places I would not want to be Vikes need to run the ball and keep Tom and company on the sidelines. Good luck.
2. Cleveland Browns Vs Houston Texans: The Texans are on FIRE and all that Bill O’Brien must go talk has fallen off. Can they keep it going against Baker Mayfield and the Browns? Baker plays the game with the swagger of a 6-year vet and has a defense to help him out. With the weapons Houston has something has got to give.
3. Baltimore Ravens Vs Atlanta Falcons: The Lamar Jackson hype train pulls into the ATL, and the Falcons still have a high flying offense. The Ravens are fighting for their playoff lives and can’t afford any slips ups. Can the rook get it done on the road?
4. Denver Broncos Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Last week win at home against a red-hot Steelers team is one of those wins that can carry you for a while. The Broncos are not out of this thing and face a Bengals team minus Andy Dalton. Got to strike early today and get the W.
5. Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders: If you could have the perfect game to introduce a new feature back and offense this is it. Kareem Hunt is out of the league for now and the Andy Reid has to dig into his bag and find a formula that works. Is this the time Sammy Watkins FINALLY shows why he was a first-round draft pick? Spencer Ware is not some bum and he has a chance to show the league who he is.
6. Carolina Panthers Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This is a MUST win for the Panthers, I say that because they have been doing good things on offense but losing so many close games. One or two more and they will be on the outside looking in on the playoffs. The Bucs are just lost and have shown that they can’t put together back to back solid performances.
7. Three teams that just need to show up play their game and get the W are the Colts, Bears, and Titans. The good teams win the ones they should these squads have a lot to play for still and need to handle business.
8. Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Los Angles Chargers: Fresh off that L in Denver the Steelers want to get win number 8 on the season. Big Ben has heard the talk all week and I’m sure he can’t wait to suit up. The Chargers are without Melvin Gordon so it’s next man up at running back. This is one of the Chargers few prime-time games and they have been playing good football this year.
9. Washington Redskins Vs Philidelphia Eagles: Washinton in prime time games, not something their fans like to hear. Under the bright lights, the Skins more times than not get killed by halftime. The Eagles are fighting for their season this game should be hard-hitting and full of drama. Carson Wentz this is the moment kid what do you got?

10. Green Bay Packers Vs Arizona Cardinals: If they lose this game can we all say it’s a done deal that Green Bay gets a new coach next year? And with a young QB and skill players could we be saying the same thing in Arizona already as well?

With all the injuries and players, missing games for being stupid I am interested in seeing who steps up and makes that key play for their team. All across the league, new names are popping up and I want to see who lasts and who is just a flash in the pan. As they say any given Sunday.
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