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5 Things We Learned About Week 11 In The NFL:

5) Stop blaming Carson Wentz:

The Philadelphia Eagles are ranked 11th in rushing yards per game and ranked 14th, scoring 23.4 points per game. How they have averaged 23.4 points is an absolute miracle. Since DeSean Jackson injury, they have no one who can stretch the field. They may have the slowest wide receivers in the NFL. When they get down early, all they can do is “dink and dunk.” This is not on their quarterback. They simply don’t have playmakers at the skill position. None of their receivers, tight ends or running backs have elite speed.

4) The terrible quarterback play continues:

Jameis Winston was 30-51, with 2 touchdown passes and 4 interceptions. Winston has 19 passing touchdowns on the season with 18 interceptions and 8 fumbles. He has the most turnovers of any quarterback since 2015. Can we all just say it out loud… The Former number 1 overall pick out of Florida State, is a bust. Over the past 4 games Kyle Allen has 9 interceptions. The scouting report is out on him and he has been a turnover machine. It might be time for Carolina to focus on what quarterback they will draft in 2020.

3) Has the milk run dry in New England?:

The New England Patriots have a history of not paying players top dollar. They have a history of letting players walk via free agency and build through late round picks and sign free agents who are more interested in winning than making a final payday. Has the cupboard run dry for New England’s offense? Just this year alone, the Patriots let go Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon. There is no one one offense who can beat you 30 yards downfield. Rookie, N’Keal Harry is 6’2, 228lbs. He has great size and strength but doesn’t have breakaway speed. If the Patriots get down 10-14 points late in games, they don’t have the speed to score quickly. They may be in trouble offensively. When was the last time anyone said that about a Tom Brady team?

2) Bigger surprise… The Buffalo Bills or the Oakland Raiders?:

The Bills are 7-3 and the Raiders are 6-4. Both of these teams have been a pleasant surprise. I don’t know if either team will win a playoff game this year, but, their fan bases deserve this. Other than the Jets and Browns, no two cities have suffered more than Buffalo and Oakland over the past decade.

1) John Harbaugh should win coach of the year… hands down:

Harbaugh won a Super Bowl with Joe Flacco and a very good defense. He is now dominating teams with a totally different offense. The Baltimore Ravens embarrassed the Houston Texans 41-7. The Ravens were up 27-0 going into the 4th quarter. Lamar Jackson ran for 86 yards, threw for 222 yards and had 4 touchdown passes. The Ravens could be the first team in the history of the NFL to average over 200 yards rushing and passing. What Harbaugh has done with this offense is a miracle. Everyone in this organization is “all-in” on Jackson, and they taylor their offense to his strengths. The Ravens have won 4 straight games by 14+ points.

Bonus Coverage:

Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver in the NFL. He is the first player in history to have 90 receptions over the 1st 10 games of the season.

The Jets are 3-1 vs the NFC East, 0-6 vs all other opponents.

The Indianapolis Colts rushed for 264 yards vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. That is the most rushing yards they have had since 2004.

Dak Prescott is on pace to throw for almost 5,000 yards this season. He has 38 wins since 2016. That is 2nd behind Tom Brady. Yet, no one ever talks about Prescott for the MVP.

The Chiefs have now won 10 of 11 against the LA Chargers. Phillip Rivers was 28-52 and had 4 interceptions. Rivers is a shot fighter, he has no mobility and he continues to struggle when teams blitz him. Rivers now has 15 touchdown passes, 14 interceptions and 4 fumbles. It is time for the Chargers to go in a different direction.

The Sports Whisperer’s Top 5 Rankings:

5) Seattle Seahawks
4) Baltimore Ravens
3) Green Bay Packers
2) San Francisco 49ers
1) New England Patriots

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