NFL Week 11 Pre-Thanksgiving Recap

As Thanksgiving approaches comedian Kevin James comes to mind when he said, “Turkey Day, not a good day to be my pants” Or as Louis C.K. said, “The meal isn’t over when I am full, it is over when I hate myself.”  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here are 5 Things The Sports Whisperer learned about Week 11 in the NFL.

5) Is Russell Wilson the MVP? Despite being injured the first half of the season, Wilson and the Seahawks are 7-2-1.  One could argue that Wilson is the most important player on his team. The Patriots went 3-1 without Tom Brady, I don’t think Seattle could do that without the former Wisconsin Badger QB. On the season he’s completing 66% of his passes and has only two interceptions. I like the way this team is evolving right before our eyes. As the season continues, Wilson will be asked to make more and more plays and that is a scary thought for the rest of the NFC.

4) I don’t believe in the AFC West: The Raiders won on Monday Night 27-20 over the Houston Texans. The Kansas Chiefs lost at home to the Tampa Bay Bucs 19-17. The Raiders are 8-2, the Chiefs are 7-3 and the Broncos are 7-3. Both Denver and KC have no legitimate quarterback so,they will be exposed in the playoffs. The Raiders have a young, talented team but they are first in the league in penalties with 98. You can’t win round after round in the post-season when you keep shooting yourself in the foot. They are talented but undisciplined and that will come back to haunt them.

3)  The NFC East is getting interesting: As expected the Eagles are starting to fall by the wayside. After starting 3-0 they are now 5-5. The Cowboys are 9-1, the Giants are 7-3 and the Redskins are 6-3-1. These teams will all play each other once, so it will be survival of the fittest. The Skins play Dallas on Thursday in what will  be a must-win situation for Washington. The schedule does not get any easier for the Giants. They play the Browns (Easy win) but then play @Pittsburgh, home against Dallas, home against the Lions, @Eagles, and @Washington. Dallas should win the division with the Giants making the wildcard.

2) It is time for Mike McCarthy to be fired: The Packers lost to the Redskins 42-27 on Sunday night.  Green Bay has given up 146 points in the last 4 games. That is the most they have given up in a four-game span since 1958. Their secondary is the worst in the league. They have had a ton of injuries and part of their incompetence is the game plan. McCarthy has a weak defense yet his play calling continues to be conservative. At least three times in the first half on Sunday, the Packers ran the ball (with no success, on 1st and 2nd down). They were giving Aaron Rodgers one passing play every three downs. With the defense struggling,  Rodgers should throw the ball 40 times per game. And for all the media members like Colin Cowherd or Shannon Sharpe calling out Rodgers… you are clueless. With no running game and no offensive line, he is 2nd in TD passes with 25, only Drew Brees has more with 26.

1) Tom Brady has sold his soul to the devil: The Patriots looked sluggish on Sunday against the 1-9 49ers but still put up 30 points. Brady had 4 touchdown passes. Despite missing four games he hasn’t missed a beat. He is completing 70.4 % of his passes with 16 touchdowns, 1 interception and has a passing rating of 123.3. Under Brady, NE will go its 11th AFC Championship game.

Bonus Coverage:

The last time the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes had a 3 or game win streak each, going into thanksgiving, was in 1989. The city of Miami is rocking right now and they should be because the Miami Heat will be a lottery team.

Stop talking about the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings, the NFC North is terrible. Neither will do anything in the playoffs.

The Brown are 0-11 and they are overachieving with that record.

Top 5 Power Rankings

  • New England Patriots
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Oakland Raiders
  • New York Giants

MVP Race:

  • Tom Brady
  • Ezekiel Elliot
  • Russel Wilson
  • Derek Carr
  • Marcus Mariota

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