NFL Week 11: Joe Cardoso Top 10

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By: Joe Cardoso

Is this the best week of the season so far today? Where do we start with the mega matchups on the docket? Oh and we get great football and food on Thursday, it’s Christmas in November for football fans. Some games aren’t so good and in my opinion not even worth my time sorry fans of those teams. 7 weeks to go and the hot seat for some head coaches is on FIRE, let’s get into the games, players and things I’m looking for today.

Atlanta Falcon vs Dallas Cowboys: Which version of these ball clubs will show up today? For the Cowboys, EVERYONE is yelling feed Zeke and somehow sometimes Jason Garrett doesn’t hear it. WIll he today?
After the win over Washington I thought Atlanta was on its way then they got severed by the Browns. That being said 4-5 isn’t out of the playoff race. Calling this the put up or shut up game.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Baltimore Ravens: 11 years John Harbaugh has been the leader of the Ravens and now people are saying it may be time for a new voice in charm city. No Joe Flacco means the rook Lamar Jackson will be under center is it the start of a new era? Excited to see what the kid can do. As of right now, the Bengals are IN the postseason and the Ravens aren’t out of it so this AFC North matchup matters. Andy Dalton needs to do better last week was horrible for the entire team being bombed by New Orleans.

Tennesse Titans vs Indianapolis Colts: HUGE win last week for #TitansUp anytime you can beat Tom Brady and company you build off of it. Marcus Moriota has been solid his last two games and showing why he was drafted so high. The Titans defense is also ranked 6th in total D. The Andrew Luck revenge tour is selling out at every stop and today he gets to do his thing at home. Get back to .500 if you are Indy and be in the hunt for a run. Easier said then done I know.

Washington Redskins vs Houston Texans: Both teams at 6-3 and for the Redskins the injuries are really taking a toll. Today is a true test the Texans D is nasty and loves to attack, attack, attack, attack JJ Watt and crew know all about the fresh off the street O-Line the Skins have. Alex Smith sir THIS is the game you need to make some plays and trust his defense to keep him in this one. Houston is no slouch on offense and will have Josh Norman and crew on their heels.

New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles: My game of the week 3.0 more on that later. For the Eagles, it starts or doesn’t start now. They can’t depend on a Redskins collapse that needs to do it themselves. Yes, you can’t name one player in the secondary not named Malcolm Jenkins. I still think Carson Wentz is finding his way and they HAVE to get something that looks like a running game. For Mr. Brees and the Saints last week was Madden like and why should it stop today? The defending champs are on up against it and should come out swinging.

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears: Game of the week 1B last time we saw the Da Bears on Sunday Night Football they had AR-12 limping off the field. And Mitch Trubbisky was the second coming of Steve Young (Is that too much?) Now it’s the Vikings who come to town. Must be that thin air but something is clicking on the defense for the Vikes. Based on the stats they have found the formula. This is the biggest game for the Bears in how many years? These are the games that an $84 million dollar QB shows up. Cold, hard-hitting this is my type of football.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Winners of 5 straight games and that offensive explosion have Steelers fans jacked and feeling good. BUT the Jags had really good games vs Pittsburgh last year and also played their best ball at the end of the year.
Hello, Leonard Fournette it’s been so long buddy we missed you. Is he the spark for a late-season run?

Carolina Panthers vs Detroit Lions: Having a rough time on the field? Can’t get right in the passing game? Confidence low? I have just the thing play the Lions! Cam Newton and the Panthers should roll in this one and back on track for the playoffs. Matt Stafford, how do you get up time after time?

Los Angles Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs: Oh BABY! THIS is the game of the week!! Do NOT fall asleep on this one call the boss you WILL be late! Two gunslingers under center and weapon all over the field. This Rams defense was the talk of the offseason, but as they say, the game is not played on paper. Is this platform the night they get it right? Sounds like a corny pop band Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs bring their own scorekeeper lol.

Denver Broncos vs Los Angles Chargers: Joe how did this make the list with the Broncos at 3-6? Because these two teams hate each other and always have good games. Yes, Denver is bad on offense but the defense still has some legit NFL stars on it and they won’t just roll over. If only Denver had a QB……..

What are YOU looking for this week? Has you’re team meet expectations this season? Enjoy the games America and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Follow @NutsAndBoltsSports for all the sports news and opinions you could want. Follow me @JoeCardoso301. I’m ready are you ready for some football?

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