NFL Week 10: Philadelphia Eagles News

Following a bad home loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, which dropped the Philadelphia Eagles record to 4-5 and puts them two games behind the Washington Redskins in the NFC East Division, you’ve to say now that the bandwagon must be fully empty for the defending champions.

“Good riddance to all those front-runners!”

Now a politically correct quote from Philadelphia Eagles QB, Carson Wentz while yours truly takes a deep breath and exhales…

”We realize a lot of people are going to want to write us off at this point,”, Carson Wentz, “Now it’s just time to play ball and try and go shock some people.”

Thank you, CW…I got it the rest of the way.

Head coach Doug Pederson didn’t exactly have a lot of answers at Monday’s press conference. Then again, Pederson hasn’t exactly had many answers this year. The coach who was so brilliant a season ago, calling the right plays and knowing exactly how to lead his team, has not called the right plays or pushed the right buttons this year.

But Pederson isn’t suddenly dumb.

The players who made so many big plays last year can’t seem to make any of them this year. The personnel department that made key moves after significant injuries a year ago, hasn’t come close to the same results this season.

There seems to be a lot competition in Team Blame this season. but fair is fair. The truth is that everyone owns a share of this disappointment. Just like they all took credit for winning the Super Bowl a year ago.

As it stands now the Philadelphia Eagles have the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL and approximately only a 16% chance of making the playoffs.

I’m far from delusional, I realized all of this a while back!

However, the 2006 Philadelphia Eagles faced an even more critical situation and miraculously, still made the playoffs.

They were just two years remove form a Super Bowl appearance and in the middle of a three game losing streak…things got even worse!

Their record not only drop to 5-6 in 2006, later on that same season during an ugly home loss to the Tennessee Titans, quarterback Donovan McNabb was lost for the season with a knee injury.

So, with just five weeks left in the 2006 NFL season, the Eagles had to:

1) Win outright the NFC East, without their franchise quarterback. Instead with his backup Jeff Garcia to make the post-season.

2) They also had to win three straight road games against divisional opponents at a time when the NFC East was a lot stronger than it is now.

And yes, they went on and did it!

Sports Illustrated

“It sounds odd, but personally – I welcome this type of adversity because I come from the life and I have skin in the game.” October 19, 2018.

Is a Philly thing and you wouldn’t understand….

Written by Julio Olmo – The Voice of One!


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