NFL Week 10: Joe Cardoso Top Ten

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By: Joe Cardoso
The funniest thing I’ve seen all season was Carolina Panthers fans on Thursday on Facebook tagging themselves as “Safe” lol. That was a beating they took and that game was the kickoff to week 10 of the NFL season, I say it time and time again football has no mercy as proven by the Dez Bryant injury just after finally getting a contract wishing him a speedy recovery, It is a jumbled mess for the bottom half of both conferences for a wild card spot. This is when the fun starts and you can make a run or play the role of spoiler, Here’s what is on my radar for the week.

1. Atlanta Falcons vs Cleveland Browns: Are the dirty birds getting ready to make a push? Was the offense we saw just a case of the Redskins being unprepared or the way things are going to be moving forward? For the Browns what can Greg Williams get out of this group? This is a game the Falcon should win but I’m not counting out the Browns at home.
2. Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys: Things in big D are bad and the one team they would not want to play are the Eagles who I think are going to flip the switch starting today, Carson Wentz has a new toy in Golden Tate who will fit perfectly with the group. Jason Garrett is on life support and he knows it. These are the games the defending champs cannot lose.
3. Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions: If the Bears are serious about making the playoffs and being a legit team they need to bury the Lions PERIOD. Did you see Matt Stafford last Sunday? It was HORRIBLE this team is not very good and the Bears should roll.
4. Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Last Sunday’s game is in the running for worst performance of the year for the Redskins. They saw two linemen go down and a wideout to add to the piss poor play on the field. BUT they are still the first place team in the NFC East and any more laps in play are going to cost them. I want to see the defense come out strong hit the Bucs in the mouth and make some plays. Don’t let Desean Jackson toast them, on offense it’s the same formula run the play and Alex Smith let some balls lose my man. If the Skins really want to be in the mix this year we will find out today.
5. The worst Monday Night Football game of the year this week, nothing you can say will change my mind. Wife or Girlfriend giving you grief pick this Monday night for a date night trust me.
6. Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals: Chiefs will be resting starters by the half in this one.
7. New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans: Don’t sleep on this one and here is why. The Titans are a tough time expect them to muck it up and try and keep it tight. Now the issue will be can Marcus Mariota make some plays? No Gronk in this one as well.
8. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck seems to me like a guy who is starting to find his stride. Did you see that toss to Ebron? I have sold my ticket on the Jags hype train and got a nice fruit basket.
9. Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: Fresh off their first loss of the season who better for the Rams to face but the banged-up Seahawks. The Rams will run all over them and Todd Gurley for MVP chants rule the day.
10. Miami Dolphins vs Green Bay Packers: Oh remember when the Dolphins were in EVERYONE’s power rankings and this was a “new team”? Yea about that? And the Packers are not out of the playoff picture and when you have AR-12 under center you have a chance but come on now folks we all saw last weeks game. My pick is the pack BIG, and the playoff heartbeat goes another week.

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