NFL Draft: Night One Recap

The first night of the draft was a roller coaster of emotions for many people. Some picks looked brilliant, and some left me scratching my head. I am going to take a look at the biggest stories from night one of the draft.

Kyler Goes First Overall

This pick was not a surprise to anyone. While I do not agree with moving on from Rosen, I will respect a team that is willing to do anything to get their QB of the future. Even if that means moving on from a QB they previously took in the first round.


I could not believe with the fourth overall pick they took Ferrell. He is a good player but is not even close to the same level as Josh Allen. Personally, I think Brian Burns and Montez Sweat were better prospects.

If they thought so highly of Ferrell, I get it, go get your guy. My biggest problem came from the fact that Ferrell was most likely going late first round, maybe mid first at best. So why not trade back and get some picks and then take him.

I like the Josh Jacobs pick a lot. It made perfect sense especially with Lynch retiring. Jacobs was the best RB in this very weak class. I disagreed with the Abram pick. I think Abram is a good player, but I personally thought they should have taken a CB. With Greedy, Baker, and Byron all still on the board, it would have made more sense to take one of them.

Daniel Jones Rises

I am not going to be as critical of the Giants taking Jones at 6 as most will. As mentioned before, I will never fault a team for choosing their guy at the QB position, even if that means reaching for him or moving on from another. However, I believe the Giants would have been just fine waiting for him at 17. Jones is going to be a good QB if he sits under Eli for some time.


Last year the Redskins disappointed me by passing up Derwin James. This year I can actually say they nailed the first round. They may have had the best first round out of any team this year. They managed to snag two of what many people had as top 10 players.

Many believed, including me, they were going to be forced to move up to take Haskins. However, they kept their composure and played the waiting game. It ended up working to perfection as Haskins fell right into their lap. Then out of nowhere they traded back into the first round and grabbed Montez Sweat. The Skins needed another pass rusher opposite Kerrigan, and that is precisely what they got in Sweat.

AFC East Defensive Lines Got a lot Better

If I were Tom Brady, I would advise the Patriots to consider upgrading their O line a little. The Jets took Quinnen Williams, the Bills got Ed Oliver, and the Dolphins grabbed Christian Wilkins. I loved all three of these prospects going into the draft, but as a Patriots fan, I am now a little afraid of them.

I had Williams ranked as the best player in this draft, and he will most likely be a pro bowler his rookie year. I was surprised to see Oliver fall all the way to 9. He is a strong, quick DT that reminds many people of Aaron Donald. Christian Wilkins was one of my favorite players. He has a high motor and high football IQ. his senior year put up 5.5 sacks and 14 tackles for losses. The AFC East teams might be looking to shorten Brady’s career or at least make him consider shortening it with all of those fantastic DTs.

The Fallers

Two big names fell out of the first round. Drew Lock fell victim of teams simply not needing QBs. Lock is a great QB that has a cannon of an arm and should have been a first-round choice. However, the only team that really needed a QB that did not take one was Miami and they seem content on waiting for until next year.

Jawaan Taylor was the other big name that did not make it in the first round. This to me was more surprising than Lock. I and many others had Taylor as the best OT in this draft. I had him tied with Dillard as #1. I understood him sliding since the whole position did, but when the Texans selected Howard, I could not help but wonder if there is something wrong with him that we do not know about.

The CB position also took a tumble in night one. Many thought Deandre Baker, Byron Murphy, and Greedy Williams were first rounders. Baker was the only CB taken all night, and that didn’t happen until pick 30 in which the Giants traded up for him. I expect Byron and Greedy to get snatched up early in the second.

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