NFL Awards Predictions 2018

NFL Awards

One of the elements which has made the NFL so popular is it’s competitive balance.

Virtually every team has hope every year, but the reality is that all of them have a breaking point.

What makes the season really interesting is when some of the NFL’s supposedly mightiest teams take a major tumble and fall head first into mediocrity or even worst.

So the handing off of these awards early is uncharted territory in the NFL.

The Stiff Arm of the year goes to: Pittsburgh Steelers Vance McDonald.

You really appreciate it’s greatness, when you watch the replay in slow motion.


There were many, many deserving candidates for the Teflon Suit Award of the year, but after careful examination of their resumes only two candidates remained. Only the end of the 2018 NFL season will determine the clear winner.

So, the Teflon suit of the year can go to either Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis…

Or his wingman Hue Jackson.


The Karma or Mal De Ojo Award – as my elders call it has to go to Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Karma is a living breathing thing and Davis poke it by first offering the head coaching to Jon Gruden, then afterwards holding fake interviews for the position making a mockery of the Rooney Rule. Everything bad which has happen to the Raiders this season is Karma.


Finally the Triple Threat Award also has two very good deserving candidates…New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara and Los Angeles Rams’ Todd Gurley.

Alvin Kamara
Todd Gurley

Each should get the award really. Neither is going to win the NFL MVP trophy, but ask their quarterbacks Drew Brees and Jared Goff how valuable they are!

Written by Julio Olmo – The Voice of One!


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