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“The words that once defined journalists – objective, detached, neutral – are being replaced by new ones – emotional, relatable, partisan. A growing segment of SPORTS REPORTING is tapping into the simple, if sometimes problematic, joys of being a fan first…”, Tim Layden – Sports Illustrated.

Welcome to my world…Truer words have never been said!

When it comes to sports I like to connect past history to current events in order to form an educated guess to what is waiting for it in the future, but…

It’s difficult not to be a prisoner of the moment when you’re a fan!

Fanning up is the new blue and barbershop trash talking is the new normal.

It has become so widespread that some television announcers are mercilessly mocked – in real-time! – throughout Social Media when they try not to become emotionally involve during their sporting event broadcasts.

They are viewed as funnies by the fans.

Team employed broadcasters have been around forever, but having ’em go after each other in trash talking locker room mode over the air waves is absolutely much more entertaining instead.

Story telling solely while staying away from STATS is ordinary, but you’re going to have a Hell of a lot more ordinary days in your life than extraordinary ones…Trust Me!


Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz is the 2017 NFL MVP…

NFL Honors

Season ending injury be Damn! No other player in the National Football League meant more to the success of his team in 2017 than Carson James Wentz.

To give the award to someone else would be just plain ridiculous.

Just because the Gladiator inside of him saw his path to the end zone obstructed by two Los Angeles Rams and had to decide on the fly between,

a) Laying down on the grass or…

b) End Zone Collision

And chose…

“Hold my drink! Violent End Zone Collision, is going to be it!”

But life in the NFL – and everywhere else, for that matter! – is not fair.

Other than Carson Wentz the other deserving player of the NFL 2017 MVP Award would be Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown.

Here We Go Nation and NFL fans are spoiled as far as Antonio goes.

The man makes things look easy and he reached GOAT Territory years ago!

Special Honors  and Awards should also be handed to the Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.

These teams just Brought It this season.

Written by Julio Olmo


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