NFL 2018 Questions

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By: Joe Cardoso

While NFL GM’s and coaches stay laying awake in their beds worrying if one of the team’s stars will be the next TMZ sports headline us football fans know that the month of July means we are close to training camp and the return to the field. Just like the NBA football never stops with the draft, coaching moves, free agent signings we have a lot to think about and predict all offseason. But until we see the product on the field and what type of injuries we see at training camps all we can do is hope and guess. With that being said I for one have questions about everything from player fit to coaching and rookie expectations. As of today two weeks out from teams not named the Baltimore Ravens hitting the field here are the ten questions I need answers/predictions too. No particular order just my thoughts.


  1. How good is this Broncos defense going to be this year? Von Miller and rookie Bradley Chubb will be a great pass rushing combo. The front 7 is deeper and can get after the QB, will that mask the issues at linebacker and in the secondary? We will see.
  2. Everyone seems to be on the Cowboys hype train with a healthy and ON the field Ezekiel Elliot is a BIG deal trust me I get it. But I have to ask who is Dak Prescott throwing to? And do NOT tell me that Cole Beasley is keeping coordinators up at night. The Offensive line is great and will this be the year we get 11-13 games from Sean Lee? Hello, Leighton Vander Esch no pressure rookie.
  3. Which 2nd-year quarterback makes what I will from now refer to as the “Goff Leap”, where you go from a confused possible bust to a legit NFL Quarterback. Mitch Trubisky of the Chicago Bears leads this group of guys I think have BIG TIME second years along with a healthy mature Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans are my picks to light it up.
  4. How bad are the Seattle Seahawks going to be this year, or did I miss something along the way? I can still see Russell Wilson running for his life each week and that defense being suspect last year. Pete Carroll the seat is warm my friend very warm bet you wish you ran the ball in that Super Bowl now don’t you Pete.
  5. What do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do NOW? I love what Jamies Winston does ON the field he’s a leader and has a little Frave in him, with those last second lasers he throws and how he can make plays happen with his feet. BUT along with that comes some bonehead plays and very bad ball management. This is year 3 and he has a ton of weapons and of course what does he do this offseason, he makes a horrible decision and may be on his way out of Tampa. Yes, they have a ton of money and time invested in this kid but at some point, you have to cut ties. Stay tuned.
  6. Last year was amazing but deep down in our football hearts do we BELIVE in the Jaguars? IS this team for real? Can’t wait to find out. And do we think the Los Angeles Rams are the real deal? I do how about you?
  7. Hey, Andrew Luck is that you buddy THROWING a football? All accounts are he is back and ready to get the Colts in the winners club. Since we last saw Andrew getting his face planted in turf the Colts have rebuilt his O-line with solid free agents and rookies. He also has a new head coach who played QB in the NFL and is hungry to prove he belongs. Not to mention Frank Reich just won a Super Bowl with the Eagles.
  8. When will father time call the numbers of Ben Rothlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees? They can’t keep putting up these video game-like numbers forever, can they? I’m enjoying all their careers but the movie has to end soon right? And are these teams ready for it?
  9. What new head coach will be the breakout star of the crop and transform franchise?
  10. The NFL and this new anthem policy, what will it do to the on the filed product? Will entire teams stay in the locker room? Will it even affect play?


These are just some of the question myself and I’m sure other football fans are looking to get answered throughout the season and training camp. We are almost there football is close and the drama we live for. What questions do you have? Sunday’s are never the same once week one hits so hold on and get ready for a ride. Follow Nuts And Bolts Sports @NutsAndBoltsSp or myself @JoeCardoso301 for exciting NFL debate and conversation.

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