NFL 2018: Los Angeles Rams

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A conversation with – West Coast, The Other George Lopez (@theotherGLopez) about his Los Angeles Rams.

“George: The Rams are a star-studded team and frankly that concerns me because players in star-studded teams – to quote a baseball analogy – like to swing for the fences and the players aren’t satisfied with just hitting singles and doubles”.

“What I’ve seen so far is this Rams team isn’t playing with an ego. They’ve adopted the mantra “we, not me” Yes, they do have a lot of great individual talent but they have bought into the team concept. Their main concern is winning games and doing everything they can to help the team win.”

“George: For the first time in the NFL’s 99-year history, two teams scored 50 points in the same regulation game. In spite their offensive explosiveness, Personally Speaking! Only reason that I rank Rams ahead of the Los Angeles Chargers at moment, it’s only based on quarterback Philip Rivers track record in the playoffs”.

“I think Phillip Rivers is having the best season of his career. The question will be can he carry that into the postseason. Based on the overall performance for the season, you have to rank the Rams higher than the Chargers.”

“George: Forgive me for being a Scrooge, but is Rams head coach Sean McVay the real deal or is it a case of the bar being set low because former head coach Jeff Fisher was never able to obtain the same results with basically the same roster of players?”

“I do believe Coach McVay is the real deal. People say his offensive formations are simple. It’s how he attacks you out of these formations that makes him so innovative with his schemes. He can come at you multiple ways. Fishers offense was archaic, that’s why this team didn’t succeed under him.”

“Thank you, George”

“Anytime brother”

Written by Julio Olmo – The Voice of One!


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