New York Yankees: State Of the Empire

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By: Joe Cardoso

So, I guess our dreams of going to the world series are over for the year? Just Kidding. The major league baseball season is 162 games long and full of ups and downs, never get too excited or too low unless you are a Padres or White Sox fan which means take what wins you get hahaha. The west coast was very unkind to the New York Yankees. In the last ten games, the Bronx Bombers are 3-7 and have had some injuries and not so great performances from the rotation and role players. Heading into the season any fan worth their salt knew pitching would be a problem and here we are. Arron Judge is having an amazing season and has become must watch TV, besides Judge what else do the Yanks have?

The losses out west could have been avoided since they gave up big leads and had errors at the worst time. Besides Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman are the glue to a VERY shaky bullpen, Tyler Clippard is lost and needs to find his groove ASAP. It was just 2 and a half weeks ago when we blasted Baltimore and all was well, but in classic baseball form things have flipped and we head into the mid-season a bit exposed. It is up to Judge to keep the offense going and hope the rest can jump on board.

Another factor in the recent run of play are injuries.
CC Sabathia
Adam Warren
Aaron Hicks
Starlin Castro


The Castro injury opens the door for prospect Tyler Wade who I am excited to see what he brings to the team. With a home stand vs, the White Sox perfect time to throw the 22-year-old out there and see what he does. What in the world has happened to Masahiro Tanaka? Talk about disappearing acts. Is he still hurt and the front office just giving us spin on how bad it is? Or is this his true form? 5.74 ERA is not the stats a true number one major league pitcher has.

The question now for the Yankees is do they make any serious moves at the trade deadline or do they stay pat with the current make up they have. One can only hope maybe seeing the love and respect fans showed the greats in the old timer’s game will inspire the new crew to play ball. The young talent they acquired via trade is still learning the ropes, and until they are ON the filed it’s hard to judge what they can give. I for one say there is no need to panic Yankee fans it’s a long year and at the end of the day what expectations did you REALLY have for the team. Our pursuit for World Series title 28 is far away but some small pieces are falling into place.

Last year I was all about the Yankees being sellers at the trade deadline and build for the future, this year I say BUY and make a run at the wild card. What do you fans think?
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