New York Yankees: Guess Who’s Back?

By: Joe Cardoso

For some teams making it to the MLB postseason is considered a great thing and a reason to celebrate and look ahead to better things. Well to us New York Yankee fans that is like being excited about getting a used car when if you had a better credit score you could have gone with a new one. When you have 27 championships and haven’t had one since 2009 people get nervous. Now as I have said since the start of the season this is a team in rebuild mode, that happened to get hot and win a bunch of games it wasn’t expected to. They also got some otherworldly production from rookies and aging vets.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 19: Jacoby Ellsbury #22 of the Yankees and Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees celebrate after defeating the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium on September 19, 2017 in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees won 5-2. (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

So here we are in September and the Bronx Bombers are heading back to the postseason, and can still win the division with some help. Talk during the preseason was about trying to make it without falling too far behind the new powers in MLB. Yankee fans knew we had some exciting prospects and veterans with some oil left in their tanks, but what we have seen is so much more. Aaron Judge 50 with a new MLB rookie homerun record, Gary Sanchez has been awesome and steady and Luis Severino shows us something new every start.

One year removed from the postseason we are back in the dance and some including myself would say we are ahead of schedule. Things are looking up with a solid farm system and some serious cash about to become available what a time to be a fan and member of this team. It looks more than likely the wild card game is where they end up and then face the Cleveland Indians or Houston Astros. Just like the Kansas City Royals a few years ago the Yankees have nothing to lose and so much experience to gain. No one is screaming next stop World Series, but at least we are NOT the Mets who have fallen off hard and fast.


Yankee nation must stay level headed and not expect the world from a team that is learning a lot on the fly. Postseason baseball is all about quality pitching and timely hitting and the Bombers have a solid bullpen and will need grade A performances from its starting pitching something that hasn’t always been the case. Speed from Brett Garder and a HEALTHY Jacob Ellsbury should provide the threat to disrupt opposing pitchers. No better baseball than postseason baseball and when the lights come on anything can happen. For now, we can enjoy the fact that we have a date to the dance, and let’s see what happens when the music starts. Pinstripe Pride is alive and well.

Joe Cardoso
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