New York Knicks: How James Dolan Can Save Face

New York Knicks
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The 2019-20 NBA season is suspended for at least 30 days. In that time, the New York Knicks can reflect on what has gone wrong this season and devise a plan to get things back on track. There will be no playoffs for them this year but they can find other ways to shine.

With the league not playing any games for quite a while, James Dolan has a chance to save face.

It was reported this week that Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and now rookie Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans are doing their part to help the employees of their respects arenas. Those are boss moves there.

The Knicks, more specifically, Dolan has not had the best of relationships with Knicks’ fans. But if Dolan can make the same pledge that Cuban did, that will begin the healing stage between him and the city.

These employees will not have a check cut their way thanks to the Coronavirus and the league shutdown. It was the smart move to make as safety comes first but they still have bills to pay. Now, while it’s not Dolan’s, fault, it’s not Love’s, Cuban’s or Zion’s problems either and yet, here they are stepping up to the plate.

According to Forbes, James Dolan is worth $2 billion and to think he can’t afford to shell out lost wages for those employed is disrespectful. By doing this, Knicks fans, as hostile as they are, will begin to soften their stance on Dolan. One thing we love to do here in NYC is take care of our own.

His gesture won’t help the New York Knicks win any games but it will help restore order in the Knicks’ brand. As famous as it is, it’s still a brand that has taken many hits over the last decade or so.

Doan has a chance to do something right for once. He has a chance to wipe the stink of the Charles Oakley situation, the terrible hiring of coaches and GM’s and now the Spike Lee incident. All he has to do is write a check to make sure the heart and soul of Madison Square Garden are taken care of.

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