NCAA Tournament First Day Upsets

By: Caleb Luketic

The NCAA Tournament sure is living up to the name of March Madness because there have been 4 upsets already and it is only the 1st day!!!! It has been a bracket-ruining afternoon for sure. This is the 3rd year in a row that a 14 seed upset a 3 seed, and it happened twice on the first day.

(14) UAB 60 – (3) Iowa State 59

This game was the biggest upset, I think, of the day because of how highly regarded Iowa State was coming into the tournament. There were more brackets that had Iowa State in the Final Four than had UAB upsetting Iowa State. I, unfortunately, had the Cyclones going to the Championship game against Kentucky.

Iowa State had a chance to win it at the end of regulation, but the clock ran out before they could do anything. I am still stunned that UAB was able to pull this upset.

(14) Georgia State 57 – (3) Baylor 56

The Baylor Bears had a huge lead toward the end of the game, but the Panthers of Georgia State ended the game on a 14-0 run. Baylor just needed to play some defense and make a single shot, and they would’ve won the game. After this game ended only 12,000 brackets still remained perfect, which is about .12% of all the brackets. I couldn’t even believe that Baylor lost as well. This game didn’t hurt my bracket as bad, but it still hurt it.

(11) UCLA 60 – (6) SMU 59

This game ended on a controversial goal tending call against SMU. The UCLA player shot a deep 3-point shot and the SMU player jumped up and touched the ball as the ball was on its way down. However, the ball wasn’t going to hit the rim, as it was going a little to the right. I think that the call was correct based on what the rule is currently. I think that the rule needs to be changed to “if the ball has a chance to hit the rim and it is interfered with it is goal tending”, instead of “ if the ball has a chance of going in and it is interfered with it is goal tending”.

(10) Ohio State 75 – (7) VCU 72 OT

Ohio State comes away with the upset over VCU. VCU had a chance to win at the end of regulation, but they missed a lay-up which forced OT. This was a back and forth game the whole time. I had VCU moving on to the round of 32, so this is another game that has busted my bracket.


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