NBA Leftovers Anybody?

By: Rob Botts

Yes, the Thanksgiving day feast is always a belt busting extravaganza. But, the next best thing are the left overs you slam down in the following days. As I have been letting my holiday food slowly digest over the past couple days, I am pulling some tasty NBA left overs out of my jam packed fridge and going through them in no particular order.

So glad Kobe Bryant finally had that sit down with “Father Time” and both came to a compromise. The Mamba will cease to slither after this NBA season.

Philly continues to fight but unfortunately they also continue to lose. A lot. 0-18 to be exact. The question now really is, how long will they continue to fight.

Stephen Curry and the Gold State Warriors might not lose a game until their Christmas tilt with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Has anybody ever shot the ball this consistently and this creatively ever? No. Nobody.

LeBron James is finding out lately that a healthy Kevin Love how gets the ball in rhythm behind the three point line or on the block is a very good thing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now they just need Kyrie to jump into the mix.

That toxic mix up in Sacramento of George Karl, “Boogie” Cousins and Rajon Rondo hasn’t produced an actual explosion as of yet resulting in Karl’s or Vlade Divac’s job but stay tuned.

That young pup of the Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins is having a very nice start to this season and can really, really get up in air can’t he? He has had quite a few throw downs already that have left a mark on many a defender’s forehead.

Gotta love when the Indiana Pacers go all “Hoosiers” movie uniforms on us. Nothing like an old school look with present day game to bring a fresh feel to the throw back NBA look. It’s also good to see Paul George on the floor balling out very nicely so far as well.

Sad to see Kevin McHale get fired by the front office of the Houston Rockets. One of, if not the greatest low post player of all time just couldn’t reach Dwight Howard or apparently any of his teammates according to the Houston brass. Will they take off now or continue their failure to launch strategy.

D-Wade’s boys down there in Miami are playing some very consistent basketball so far. With some nice inside defense from Hassan Whiteside combined with a healthy Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, this team is reminding us that they will contend in the east.

LaMarcus Aldridge is fitting right in with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker , Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard. They are playing smart and tough as usual and will be there facing Golden State in the Western Conference finals this year.

Jimmy Butler is very quickly becoming the Chicago Bulls best and most important player at both ends of the floor. Sorry Mr. Rose. 

They have gone from New Jersey to Brooklyn. And now to basketball mediocrity. The Nets are a lost franchise and so far a very bad team. I feel bad for dead man walking head coach Lionel Hollins.

The Detroit Piston’s Andre Drummond continues to rebound everything in sight and actually has developed a very nice inside jump hook. Now he just needs a team around him Stan Van Gundy.

MJ’s Charlotte Hornets are playing tough this year and with every late game play or big pull up jumper or drive to the hoop, Kemba Walker is becoming one the league’s best young closers.

Anthony Davis is in a very tough situation right now in New Orleans. I thought Pelicans could fly???

Having a healthy Kevin Durant is a very good thing for the OKC Thunder and for rookie head coach Billy Donovan’s employment status. He also provides another offensive option to point guard Russell Westbrook’s 50 shots a game offensive set.

Alright, time to throw these left overs back in the ice box and go lay down for a nice nap before the next NBA game is on. Happy digesting everybody!

Rob Botts
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