My Advice To All NFL Teams… Run Don’t Walk Away From Johnny Manziel


By: Monte Perez

On Saturday January 31st police were called to investigate an incident involving Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in Fort Worth, Texas. The list of off the field issues with Manziel continues to grow daily, weekly and monthly.  I have never seen a quarterback, who hasn’t won anything, get the benefit of the doubt time and time again by the media and fans.


When Manziel was drafted I wrote, The Browns made a huge mistake. One of the quotes from my article was, “Manziel will make more headlines off the field than he will on the field.” I am not clairvoyant, I just saw all the warning signs. Maziel continues to say he is going to go out and have fun and be himself. There lies the problem… “Johnny being Johnny” is not what ANY NFL franchise needs. He has proven to be a distraction everywhere he goes. He continues to disrespect the Browns, his teammates and the game. Manziel was the best player in his high school and one of the best players in the country during his time in college. But… the things he did in college he can’t do in the NFL. We have seen this in the past. Tim Tebow was one of the best college quarterbacks I had ever seen but, his game didn’t translate to the NFL. Forget about their differences on the field, Tebow was the one of the hardest working players  in the NFL. Manziel is lazy in his approach, film study and dedication to his craft. Manziel is more concerned about being a star off the field than he is being a star on the field.


 For all of Manziel’s “accomplishments” he has never had team success. His record in the SEC was 10-6. (Marcus Mariota was 12-1, 11-2, and 13-2 in three years. A combined 36-5 career record.)


Below are Manziel’s two year combined stats as an NFL Quarterback:

57% completions

7 passing touchdowns… 7 interceptions

7 fumbles… 3 lost

14 rushes for 46 yards, 3.3 average and 1 touchdown.

Manziel doesn’t have elite speed and doesn’t have a great arm. If you are a “running first” quarterback in the NFL, you have to have great size and strength. Manziel doesn’t possess either one of these.


To paraphrase former Arizona Cardinals coach, Dennis Green, “Johnny Manziel is exactly who I thought he was.” A spoiled, entitled boy, who was always a big fish in a small pond. On draft night I wrote that Manziel will be out of the league in 3-5 years and nothing has changed my opinion. The minimum salary for a 3rd year NFL player is $675,000. Manziel is not worth it. The risk doesn’t outweigh the reward. He is toxic and a cancer in the locker room who thinks he is above it all. As predicted by the Sports Whisperer… he is the clinical definition of a first round bust.

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