NFL MVP Favorite, Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz SPEAKS to Eagles Nation!

“It ain’t ’bout how hard you’re hit…it’s ’bout how hard you can get hit and still move forward…That’s how winning is Done!”, Rocky Balboa

To the rest of the  National Football League,

Excuse Eagles Nation if it doesn’t drop on the floor, gets on the fetal position and begins to cry!

It just not going to happen.

Philadelphia Eagles’ fans eat adversity for breakfast and throw snow balls at fake Saint Nicks…that’s just how it is,

CLICK HERE!!!  After 50 years, Eagles Nation did try to bury the hatchet with Saint Nick for Christmas

They will circle the wagons around the team and the players will feed off their energy.

I know folks like to say that if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day of your life, but Eagles Nation does not buy that…

They believe that if you really love what you do then…you’ll work twice as hard ’till someone shuts the lights off on you!

Okay is not good enough and good enough…isn’t good enough!

Good is just some four letter word which gets in the way when you’re trying to reach greatness.

Without Carson Wentz is not going to be easy and certainly not convenient for the Philadelphia Eagles heading into the playoffs, but Eagles Nation will cheer them on with the craziest enthusiasm that you will ever see.

I am a Witness!

“…Just get well Brother, you got us this far, we got it rest the way Rocky Balboa Philly Style!”

Written by Julio Olmo


nfl power rankings

NFL Power Rankings as of December 12, 2017

  1. Every time I fall asleep thinking that they lost, I wake up next day to find out they won!



2. How does that saying goes Pats’ fans?, “They hate us ’cause they ain’t us!”



3. Until Nick Foles proofs otherwise



4. They’re steadily climbing up the Power Rankings



5. Only have a simple message for Vikings fans who think Eagles fans should just give up on their season: Case Keenum is still your Quarterback.



6. Never thought that I would say it this season, but it’s time we take ’em seriously!



7. It’s weird but they play better on the road than at home.



8. They did represent the NFC last year in the Super Bowl, right?…Just checking!



9. Time to find out if “Who Dat!” is for real…



10. Just when I thought that they were up, they drag me back down!


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