Movers And Shakers: Jordan Stuart

By: Patrick Hilwig & Joe Cardoso

Weclome to the first Movers And Shakers Q&A of 2019. This column is all about people in and outside of sports who are up and coming in their field. If you don’t know who these people are, you will soon enough and this is an introdction into who’s got next. When players or anyone for that matter in the world of sports get a job one of the first things they need is a great home to recharge and relax, our first interview of the year handles all that and more. He is know throughout the Washington D.C. area introdcuing Real Estate Advisor and CEO of Next Move Jordan Stuart!

Patrick Hilwig: You’ve been a real estate agent for almost a decade. Why and how did you get involved working with professional athletes?

Jordan Stuart: The opportunity came to me quite serendipitously through a rental property in Arlington, VA. I received a random email one day from a gentleman asking about renting a furnished apartment for a six-month period. It turned out that he was a young Washington Capitals player. I saw an opportunity emerging with this client base and seized it. Since then, my portfolio has expanded to include more than 100 professional athletes nationwide.

PH: You recently launched a venture called Next Move. What it is?

JS: Next Move is a collaborative of licensed real estate professionals located in more than 50 U.S. and Canadian cities. Next Move members work together to manage all sales and acquisitions for athletes and entertainers. Our members receive regular education opportunities and marketing and communications support to ensure they’re providing clients with the best possible holistic experience while advancing their own personal brand.

My team and I are currently crisscrossing the country attending major sporting events like the Super Bowl and NBA All-Star weekend so we can meet face-to-face with the realtors, brokers, athletes, agents and others who want to engage Next Move as a member or client.

PH: What are some of the challenges that professional athletes face when relocating?

JS: Often athletes will relocate with little or no assistance from their support network or from their team. They may randomly select or be recommended to a realtor who may not be knowledgeable enough to address the specific needs of a professional athlete and their family.

The Next Move Network was created to provide those who frequently relocate, such as athletes, entertainers, and executives, with one-stop shopping for all of their buying, selling, renting, investing, and concierge needs. No more one-off guesswork. No more blind faith. Our goal is to make sure every team, agent, and financial advisor knows exactly where to send their clients when they need to relocate or are interested in an investment property.

Jordan Stuart
Patrick Hilwig to the left, and Jordan Stuart to the right.

PH: You have some retired professional athletes in the Next Move Network. What is the benefit to them when joining your team?

JS: As a professional athlete transitions out of their sport, the Next Move Network provides potential real estate professionals with a structured environment for them to serve the people they know best —other professional athletes. Next Move provides former athlete members with the education and support to help them build and grow their career in real estate.

PH: We have the NFL and NBA drafts coming up. What advice would you give a newly-drafted athlete about buying their first property?

JS: There are several things a professional athlete, celebrity and everyone should keep in mind when purchasing or investing for the first time. This transaction should be viewed as their first-step toward building generational wealth, so the purchaser should consider a piece of property that not only is aesthetically pleasing but will also be a financial benefit to the individual down the road.

A few more points to consider:

1. Work with a realtor who has extensive experience helping first-time buyers or investors and takes a conservative, data-driven approach.

2. Work with realtors, interior designers, contractors and others who don’t need your specific transaction to make their payroll. They’ll be more likely to their time with you and it won’t feel like a pressure-cooker experience.

3. Buy or invest in where you’re from or where you plan to spend the off-season. You never want to purchase in a city where you may need to sell quickly. A good realtor will be able to find you a reasonable seasonal lease and connect you with a realtor in your hometown to assist with a purchase or investment.

4. Avoid properties that need extensive repairs or renovations. As a first-year professional athlete, you should be be fully committed and focused on your job —and not on home repair projects.

5. Ask lots of questions. Your realtor is there to fully educate you about the buying or investing experience so that you’re even more prepared for your next purchase.

Jordan and his team are building a strong foundation that will make them the go to resource for athletes and teams nationwide. We want to thank him for his time and also encourage you to follow his story via social media.

Twitter: @NextMoveJordan

Instagarm: NextMoveJordan


Also thank you to Frances Reimers for the introduction.

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