MLB Buyers and Sellers

Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

It is rapidly approaching the midway point of the 2015 MLB season and teams are looking over their rosters to see if there are moves to be made to either make them playoff contenders (BUYERS) or if they are calling it a season and preparing for next season (SELLERS). So lets dive into some of the buyers and sellers.

The San Diego Padres:

The team that made the most off-season moves is in the middle of the pack of the NL West. Bud Black has already been removed from his duties as manager and the new culture in San Diego is one of “win now.” While the bats seem to be there, with Kemp, J. Upton and Norris, the hole has been and continues to be in pitching and the starting rotation. The NL West is a division that can easily be won with one or two good moves from the Padres before the trade deadline passes. BUYERS.

The Boston Red Sox:

What was expected to be a return to glory season for the Red Sox Nation has turned into a complete nightmare for Beantown. Nine games out of first does not seem to be bad, but considering it is last place in a very tough AL East where the other four teams seem to be clicking on all cylinders, the Red Sox may just be better as SELLERS.

The Chicago Cubs:

The Cubbies are in unusual territory as the trade deadline rolls around. They kept their star prospect Kris Bryant from starting in the majors and then once they called him up, Bryant has come alive and helped the Cubs to the middle of the pack in the NL Central. While the bleacher seats may be missing at Wrigley Field the future is NOT for the Chicago Cubs and if one or two moves are made, they could very well be around in the playoff talks come September. BUYERS but could also be SELLERS.

The New York Mets:

The Mets find themselves in second place in the NL East, behind the heavily favored Washington Nationals. They also find themselves in the process of working to a six-man rotation in hopes to preserve the young arms on their starting staff (Harvey, deGrom etc…). The bats  seem to be young and fiery but adding some “pop” to the lineup for the stretch run against the Nationals would make the Mets serious playoff contenders come August and September. BUYERS!

The Detroit Tigers:

Led by Miguel Cabrera, Victor and J.D Martinez, the Tigers continue to be in the conversation for the playoffs. This season however, it seems that the Kansas City Royals look to have completely taken over control, which once belonged to said Tigers. Lets also put into play the surprise of the Minnesota Twins who are also above the Tigers in the AL Central. Tigers are just two games behind but could easily get ahead and pass them if they get some help in the staring rotation and speed on the bases. Relief pitching would also benefit the Tigers come late August and into September. BUYERS.

This is just some of the buyers and sellers that have been mentioned. Do you think your team needs to BUY or SELL? Please comment

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