MLB 2019 Questions

San Diego Padres' Manny Machado (13) signs autographs for fans prior to a spring training baseball game against the San Francisco Giants, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Peoria, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

By: Joe Cardoso

Is it safe to say it yet? Is winter over? This winter has been one of the harder winters the east coast has seen in a long time the site of bright sunny skies, and warmer weather makes me smile. Another thing that signals the end of winter is the sound of a baseball hitting a new glove or the crack of a solid hit. Major League Baseball is back America, and YES we had to wait forever to see where the big time free agents went, but it was worth the wait. MLB fans all across the country are gearing up for what they hope is “their year.” That being said I have some questions heading into the season and can’t wait to get the answers.

1. Can Bryce Harper live up to the hype? Contract aside he has a lot more pressure on himself this season, and Philly fans have no mercy.
2. Will anyone in the National League Central challenge the Cleveland Indians from running away with the division?
3. Did the Yankees do enough to get over the hump?
4. What will we get from the Padres? It’s not just Manny Machado a lot of eyeballs will be on Fernando Tatis Jr one of the hottest prospects in baseball. And it doesn’t stop with him remember names 5. like Chris Paddack, MacKenzie Gore, Louis Urias.
6. Can anyone name 2-3 big offseason moves the Red Sox made? My questions is will that even matter?
7. Which Kris Bryant will we get this year Cubs fans? I sense a big bounce back from him and this team.
8. Do the Houston Astros have one more run at the World Series in them?
9. Anyone who thinks the sky is falling in Washington may want to check that hot take. Can the young stars BRING it this season?
10. Will AJ Pollock be the player the Dodgers need him to be?
11. The Reds and Yasiel Puig will this be the type of team he needs to level up his play?
12. Will the baseball Gods leave Clayton Kershaw alone?
13. Josh Donaldson and Ronald Acuna Jr. are just the start of the monster Atlanta is building. Which one of the prospects get called up and makes a splash?
14. Did I miss what the Rockies did to improve their bullpen?
15. What will the Mets do?
16. Shohei Ohtani and his rehab are must-watch TV.

The Major League Baseball season is a long ride full of everything you love about sports. I’m looking forward to seeing what MLB does to increase its social media footprint. We have 162 games to watch the season unfold and who stands tall in October. What storylines are you looking for this season? Keep the conversation going follow us @NutsAndBoltsSports it’s time to PLAY BALL!

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