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By: Sofia Wan

Pear Perfect


Just like you try to eat healthy and live healthy, your vices should to be the same. When choosing your drinks, shoot for the natural products when possible.  You want to use fresh ingredients and make the flavors yourself.  Chemical creations are not really the way to go, so try to make the extra effort when you can. This is what I love about infusing liquor!


With infusions, you can put any ingredients you want together for however long you want to create different tastes, scents, and appearances.  Bring out your mad scientist skills and play with your products until you’ve created something original.  Since Summer is here, I think pears are ideal to use and have a lovely flavor that infuses nicely (you can also use them into the Fall).  While you can use any pear of your flavor choosing, I prefer the Bosc pear as it tends to be sweet, juicy and has honey flavored notes that I believe to work well in cocktails.  The Kaiser cocktail is reflective of what the Bosc pear already offers and creates a refreshingly light libation for all to enjoy poolside, at a bbq, or to simply to treat your friends while showing off your skills.


The Kaiser

  1. 2 oz Infused pear gin
  2. .5 oz amaretto
  3. .5 oz simple syrup
  4. 1 oz lemon juice
  5. Combine all ingredients, add ice and stir
  6. Pour shaken contents into a stemless flute
  7. Top with club soda
  8. Garnish with 4 pieces of speared Bosc pear slivers


Infused Gin

  1. 3 Bosc pears sliced
  2. 1 bottle of dry gin
  3. 1 tablespoon sugar
  4. Combine all ingredients and let sit at room temp for 3 days (occasionally stirring)
  5. After 3 days, squeeze pears to remove excess gin, then double strain



Remember to choose the good stuff and treat yourself!  Until next month, keep the cocktails fresh and drink responsibly. You can always contact me with questions and comments at or @sofresha on Instagram.

Sofia Wan
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I live in New York City where I'm the General Manager of Society Billiards + Bar--an upscale billiards club and lounge in the Flatiron District. I have the freedom to work with a wonderful team to create handcrafted cocktails that change with the seasons. While I consider myself a workaholic, in my free time I stay active with fun spin classes with friends and running around the city to keep up with the ever-changing cocktail trends.

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