Miles Sanders: Five Bold Predictions

Miles sanders
Miles Sanders brings an energy burst to the 2020 Eagles. Credit: AP

By: Thomas Brown

Miles Sanders, the sophomore running back, had a fantastic rookie season last year. With Darren Sproles’ retirement and the departure of Jordan Howard, Sanders has more prominence in the Eagles offense than ever. With that observation said, I’ll make some bold predictions for the Eagles running back.

1. Sanders Gets 1200+ Yards Rushing

The Eagles running back ran for 818 yards in his rookie campaign. With Sanders playing a much more significant role in the offense, he will make the most of his opportunities. What also helps Sanders, is that the Eagles’ lethal passing attack would keep opposing defenses honest. Which, in turn, will allow Sanders to flourish in the running game.

2. Sanders Scores eight Rushing Touchdowns

Last season, Sanders was in a crowded running back crew. The position consisted of Jordan Howard, Sanders, Darren Sproles, and Corey Clement. However, there was so much inconsistency from Sanders’ teammates due to injury. So he managed to barge into the end zone on just three occasions. With him potentially starting in a less crowded running back room, expect to hear his name more when the Eagles score a touchdown.

3. Sanders Scores Six Receiving Touchdowns

During his rookie campaign, Sanders displayed his ability not only to run the football but catch it out of the backfield too. He caught 50 passes for 509 receiving yards and got into the end zone three times. In an offense where Carson Wentz will spread the football around, Sanders can pose as another threat for Wentz and the attack.

4. Sanders Averages Five Yards Per Carry

The Eagles offense has the potential to be one of NFL’s best in 2020. This possibility is despite the significant loss of guard Brandon Brooks. The bevy of weapons that Wentz has at WR will pay dividends for the rising sophomore. As opposing defenses increase their tendencies to stop the passing attack, Sanders can make a difference in the running game to balance the offense. Last season, he averaged 4.6 yards per carry. When Wentz’s bombs demoralize the defense, Sanders will follow.

5. Sanders’ Longest Run Will Be For 78 Yards

Long runs in today’s NFL are hard to come by. It will be even more of a challenge for the Eagles running back. It doesn’t help that the offensive line is already stunted with the loss of guard Brandon Brooks for the season. However, Miles’ longest run last season was 65 yards. That run came at the expense of an elite Bills defense in Week eight of the regular season. If he can do that against a top-10 ranked defense, who won’t he do it to this season? Miles Sanders is a star in the making. This season will back that notion up precisely.


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