Mile High Review: September 6th, 2018

By: Kieth Richards

​Another week, another opportunity to hit y’all with some Denver sports knowledge.  As always, we’re going to be discussing all things Denver in sports concerning the Rockies, Nuggets, and Broncos.  I should add that, on occasion, we will mention/discuss the other major sports.  We will, however, very rarely mention the Avalanche.  My blood pressure just cannot handle the rollercoaster that the Avalanche always are.  Moving on, this week we will discuss a very important Story, converse about how the Nuggets should handle Porter, and then we celebrate a marvelous Broncos achievement.

MLB: Rockies

​Anyone who follows Denver sports can remember the excitement surrounding a young shortstop for the Rockies named Trevor Story.  In his rookie season, the kid was absolute magic to the tune of 27 HR, 72 RBI, with a .272 BA, .341 OBP, and .908 OPS.  Not only was he a monster at the plate, but he was no slouch in defense either.  It’s easy to be overshadowed when you play on the same team as the best defensive player in baseball in Nolan Arenado (yes, I said best defensive player and not just 3rd basemen and I dare you to prove me wrong) but the kid still managed to be noticed.  This is no small feat.  Enter season two.

​In his second season, young Story saw a significant drop-off in his offensive production.  While his fielding did not suffer much, Story’s BA dropped 43 points, his OBP dropped 33 points and his OPS dropped 133 points.  I, like many others in Denver, thought he was a one hit wonder.  I am happy to report that I could not have been more wrong.  Last night, the 25-year-old out of Irving, TX belted three bombs, which one was from his knees and the other went 505 feet.  Yes, it was at Coors, but Trev can’t be more than 175 pounds soak and wet after an hour at a Chinese buffet (I don’t care if he’s listed at 210 per ESPN).  505 feet is 505 feet.

Another thing, we here in Denver are tired of everyone complaining about the “Coors advantage”.  If anyone bothered to do their homework, you would see that the Rockies have a better road record (40-32) than their home record (37-30) and have a plus/minus of -8 because other teams can come into Coors and beat the baseball around the park like it stole something.  Since I can feel my blood pressure rising, I will move on.  This season, Story has 31 HR, 95 RBI, with a .298 BA, .354 OBP, and .920 OPS (all career highs).  The Rockies currently sit atop the NL West by a game and a half and Trevor is the Story.  You see what I did there….?

NBA: Nuggets

​The Denver Nuggets took at chance when they drafted Michael Porter, Jr. at number 14.  The young man’s talent and ceiling are without question; however, a player considered to be a lottery pick slipped because he only played in three games in his only season at Missouri.  Since then, Porter has had two back surgeries but recently said that he finally feels good.  If I’m the Denver Nuggets, I ignore everything he says, and I sit him until I can be sure he’s ready.  Let me explain why.

​The best example you have of this is the Philadelphia 76ers.  For years, we all made fun of “The Process”.  Tanking to get all these high draft picks.  Last season, however, we saw what the Process was and #NBATwitter said it was good.  The Nuggets haven’t taken that same route as they have attempted to win games, but that has only led them to middle of the road picks each year they miss the playoffs.  It was a lose-lose for the Nuggets and their fans.  With Porter, they finally have a game changing talent and they should do all that they can to preserve it.  Their team is good enough to compete in the playoffs right now and Porter will just put them over the top.  Good things come to those who wait.

NFL: Broncos

​On the first day, John Elway drafted Paxton Lynch and Broncos Country thought it was good.  On the 40th day, Paxton Lynch showed his true talent and Keith said it was awful, but Broncos Country still thought it was good.  On the 432nd day, Paxton Lynch continued to stink like a toddler who soiled their diaper and Broncos Country now thought it was bad and Keith said, “I TOLD YOU SO!”  I’m not even kidding, I have tweets that say I told you so, but I digress.  I am happy to announce that after two years of suffering and misery that the bad man is gone.  The Broncos have released Paxton Lynch!

​I know it makes me sound awful, but I’ve been waiting for this day, quite literally, for two years now.  I feel bad for Paxton Lynch in a sense that he’s out of a job, but people get fired all the time for sucking at their job.  NFL players are no different.  I’m sure that some team will take a chance on him sooner or later, but I am glad that it’s no longer my team.  I wish him the best, but that chapter is closed and it’s time to focus our positive energy in Denver on three things: Case Keenum, a strong offensive line, and my fantasy teams.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.



That’s all for this week.  Be sure to check back next week as I will be sure to make my feelings heard about week one for the Broncos, and I hope for your sake and mine that the feelings are good.  Don’t forget to check out me out on Twitter at @5280Keith and check out the amazing content of Nuts and Bolts Sports at the locations below:


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