Mile High Review: October 12, 2018

Another week of the Mile High Review. Another somber week as well. Baseball season has officially drawn to a close here in the Mile High City. Many of us wish that football season would end soon. There is, however, hope on the horizon. The NBA season starts in last than a week. So, we Mile High sports fanatics have something to look forward to. This week in the Mile High Review, we put a sad bow on the Rockies season, our Broncos misery continues, we highlight our last Nuggets player before the season begins, and we give a little love to another Mile High City team.

MLB: Rockies

First, let’s start with some good news. The Rockies made it one step further this season than last season. We can’t be mad with progress, right? Right? Really, the Rockies were a much better team this year. Mostly, at least. The biggest improvement over last season was the pitching. Pitching this season for the Rockies was much better than expected. Especially when you consider pitching half the games in the Mile High City. Yes, Coors Field can be an advantage. Coors Field can also be a disadvantage. This season, though, Coors Field really wasn’t an advantage for the Rockies.

Mile High City’s Rockies bats were fairly silent this year. At least, they were silent by the standard we’re used to. There was a time when run support was not an issue for the Rockies. Run support was the Achilles heel for the Rockies this season. This is not something we’re used to in the Mile High City. Lack of pitching is something we can live with. What Rockies fans are not used to is scoring two total runs in three games.

Next season, the Rockies must figure out have to get the pitching and hitting going at the same time. If the Rockies were able to get both sides going, they’d be tough to beat. With the growth of Trevor Story, the best 3rd basemen in baseball, and one of the best leadoff hitters, this team could be really dangerous. Only time will tell.

NFL: Broncos

It’s 7:29 AM on October 12, 2018, as I write this. Vance Joseph still has a job. I could really finish this section on the Broncos right there and it would be enough. The fact that Vance Joseph still has a job is mind numbing. The latest embarrassment for the Broncos was a 34-16 loss to the Jets. The Jets! You will find few people in the Mile High City happy with this team. I am not one of them.

In the last loss, Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay combined for 23 touches. Yes, I said combined. That is just not going to do it. Lindsay and Freeman are easily the two best players on the offense right now. There is no excuse for them to not be getting at least 20 touches each. Yes, I said each. Feed them! Feed them and then feed them some more. If John Elway does not want to fire Vance Joseph, then Joe Ellis should fire John Elway. The new GM’s first order of business should then be to fire VJ. Enough is enough!

NHL: Avalanche

As noted in earlier Mile High Review’s, the Avalanche will not be mentioned often. I would be silly, however, to not at least mention the NHL season has started. Even more, the Avalanche have started well. After a 6-1 win over the Sabres last night, the Avalanche are now 3-1-1 on the season. Really, you could hardly hope for a better start. Don’t let the start fool you.

In my nine years in the Mile High City, I’ve learned one thing. It’s a simple thing, really. Don’t trust the Avalanche. Of all the teams in the Mile High City, the Avalanche will break your heart the most. Even more than the Rockies, they will break your heart. The Avalanche will get you to the highest peaks of joy (winning an NHL title). The Avalanche can also be the worst team (literally) in the league. I’ve learned to enjoy the good times and ignore the bad times. Now, let’s talk some Mile High basketball.

NBA: Nuggets

This will be our last installment of player profiles for the Nuggets. If you’re familiar with the Nuggets, you’ve noticed that I’ve profiled two of the best three players thus far. So, the next player should come as no surprise. The last of the three cornerstones of the team, we profile Gary Harris this week. Just like Murray and Jokic, the Nuggets would not go far without Gary Harris.

Entering his 5th year out of Michigan State, Harris’ game has improved each year. Last season, Gary averaged a career-best 17.5 PPG. In addition, he shot 39% from deep and 48% from the field. Harris is no slouch on defense. Last season, he averaged a career-high 1.8 steals per game. He doesn’t turn the ball over much as he averaged only 1.8 turnovers per game.

Denver Nuggets’ Gary Harris, right, drives the ball against Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Easily, the Nuggets are the team that the Mile High City should feel most comfortable about. They are in a very winnable division. They are a phenomenal team. I imagine I will be gushing about Mile High Basketball in the weeks to come.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back next week as I will continue to profile Nuggets players, and hopefully I will be in a good mood concerning the Rockies. Don’t forget to check out me out on Twitter at @5280Keith and check out the amazing content of Nuts and Bolts Sports at the locations below:


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