Mile High Review: November 29th, 2018

Welcome back to another week of the Mile High Review! Your guide to all things sports, exclusively featuring the Mile High City. Of course, brought to you only by Nuts and Bolts Sports! This week, we discuss cautious optimism turning to excitement. Then, we check on in the status of the Avalanche. Finally, we get some first place feelings. So, let’s get it!

NFL: Broncos

Okay, I have to admit it. I try to fight it, but the wrong feels so right. It’s tough not to get a little excited about the Broncos. Fighting to be included as the pride of the Mile High, the Broncos continue their winning ways. They’re now on a three-game winning streak after Sunday’s victory. They mostly control their own destiny for a wild-card spot. Their schedule is favorable, but I’m trying to contain my hopes. Instead, let’s focus on the definite, which is Phillip Lindsay.

Mile High

Seriously, Phillip Lindsay is just amazing! My mans is a beast! 63 yards away from a stack (1,000) yards, Lindsay already holds the Broncos record for yards by an undrafted rookie. The new darling of the Mile High City, Lindsay also averages 6.1 YPC. Phillip is a shining beacon of hope for the Broncos offense. He’ll be counted on more with Emmanuel Sanders out for the year. Something tells me he’s up for the task.

NHL: Avalanche

Winners of seven of the last nine games, the Avalanche continue to impress the Mile High City. With 37 points, they are still 2nd in the Central division. In addition, the Avalanche are still 2nd in the Western Conference. Driving their success, the best line of the NHL reins from the Mile High City.

Mile High

Mikko Rantanen, Nathan MacKinnon, and Gabriel Landeskog.  Learn the names.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is the top trio of the NHL.  All three rank in the top 20 in the NHL in points.  In fact, Rantanen and MacKinnon rank 1st and 2nd in the NHL in points.  That’s 46 and 43 respectively.  Not to be left behind, Landeskog sports 31 points.  Additionally, Gabriel has the 3rd best +/- in the league at 18.  Look out, NHL, because these boys mean business.

NBA: Nuggets

“What does it take to be number one? Two is not a winner. Three, nobody remembers.” Wise words by Nelly. In other words, these are Nuggets problems. Currently, only they know what it takes to be number one. That is to say, they are the number one team in the Western Conference. Once again, the Nuggets are certified as the pride of the Mile High City.

Mile High

The Nuggets are still 3rd in the league in points allowed with 103.4 per game. Mostly, though, the success of the team is its selflessness. Look no further than Nikola Jokic for this. Yes, the Serbian unicorn. The other darling of the Mile High City. During the Nuggets seven-game win streak, Jokic has averaged 9.9 APG. He’s a team-first player that deserves more respect.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check us out next week as we hope the win streaks continue. Don’t forget to check out me out on Twitter at @5280Keith and check out the amazing content of Nuts and Bolts Sports at @NutsAndBoltsSP.

Random Colorado Fact:

No U.S. President or Vice-President has hailed from Colorado. (MentalFloss)

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