Mile High Review: November 1, 2018

Another week. Another Mile High Review! Welcome back to your exclusive look into Denver sports with your Mile High Insider. Only with Nuts and Bolts Sports! Only here can you find sports with this level of analysis and sarcasm. As always, we will review this past week of Mile High Sports teams. First, we check the progress of the Nuggets. Then, we follow up on the situation with the Broncos. Last, we take a look at the Avalanche. Let’s get it!

NBA: Nuggets

So far, the excellence of the pride of the Mile High City continues. I do, however, have some slightly bad news to report. The Nuggets did suffer their first loss of the season. While it still stings, it stings a little less at the hands of LeBron. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Mile High

Currently, the Nuggets are 6-1, which is good for first place in their division. In addition, they are second place in the NBA Western Conference. The only team better is the Warriors. The Nuggets beat the Warriors. So, really, they’re the best team in the conference. Back to that Lakers loss.

The loss to the Lakers was tough. Ref ball aside, the Nuggets had opportunities to take that game. They let it slip away down the stretch. Jokic had some easy opportunities that he missed. There were some defensive lapses. Furthermore, it shows they’re still a young team. While there are some vets on the team, its core is a group of young players. As they continue to play and grow, games like these will happen. As they grow, though, they’ll learn to win these games. It was a great teaching moment.

NFL: Broncos

For the Broncos, we have some sad news to report. Finally, this sad news does not involve another loss to torment the Mile High City, which they did have. Instead, we lost a player this week. For readers of this column, I’m sure you’re confused. You probably know of my grievances with this player; especially if you follow me on Twitter. Still, it was nothing personal. I still liked this player. The player I’m speaking of, of course, is Demaryius Thomas. DT is now a member of the Houston Texans.

Mile High

I cannot overstate the point that DT is still a great man and player. However, he was no longer a fit for this team. We’re not here, though, to focus on the negative. Let’s remember the good times with Demaryius. Thomas career in the Mile High City was a good one. For the Broncos, DT finishes with 665 receptions, 9,055 receiving yards, 60 touchdowns, and a record-breaking performance in a Super Bowl loss.

Keep in mind, DT played hurt in that record-breaking performance. While many in the Mile High City grew sour on DT, he will be missed. Thomas gave us some good years. He deserves to be in the Ring of Honor and he will be missed. Thank you, DT!

NHL: Avalanche

Back to more happy thoughts. The Avalanche continue to impress. Earlier, I named the Nuggets as the pride of the Mile High City. The Avalanche make a strong argument for that title. At 7-3-2, they are 2nd in the Central Division, which is good for 2nd in the Conference. Furthermore, they rank 3rd in the ESPN Power Rankings, which is really a surprise. Finally, some Mile High love and respect!

Mile High
DENVER, CO – APRIL 16: Gabriel Bourque (57) of the Colorado Avalanche celebrates his 2-0 goal with teammates J.T. Compher (37), Patrik Nemeth (12) and Nikita Zadorov (16) against the Nashville Predators during the first period on Monday, April 16, 2018. The Colorado Avalanche hosted the Nashville Predators. (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

The Avalanche rank 9th in the league with 3.4 goals per game. Even better, Colorado ranks 2nd in the league with 2.2 goals against. Power play percent could be better at 23.9, which is 11th in the league. Still, they rank 3rd with a penalty kill percent of 88.5. Yes, things are looking up for the Avalanche. With the best line in the league, this team has a lot of promise.


That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back next week as we will hopefully have more praises to sing. Don’t forget to check out me out on Twitter at @5280Keith and check out the amazing content of Nuts and Bolts Sports at @NutsAndBoltsSP.

Random Colorado Fact:

Colorado is the only state in history to turn down the Olympics. (

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