Marcell Dareus and the Importance of Today’s Defensive Tackle

By: Carl Pfeiffer

The Buffalo Bills need to lock up Marcell Dareus right now. It needs to be down soon, today, this week.

Listen, as crazy as it sounds. defensive tackles are like quarterbacks when it comes to the salary cap. What did he just say? Yeah, that’s right, Marcell Dareus is just as important as Andrew Luck.

Hold on, hear me out.

Do you know what is just as hard to find as a 6ft, 4in, 235 lbs human being who can throw an oblong object 30 yards in less than .9 seconds and hit a moving target who runs a 4.3 forty? A person who can lead large men in a violent game all the while possessing a professor like IQ? Who can make lightning quick decisions while at least four and sometimes six hulking men are trying to decapitate him?

It’s not a running back or a wide receiver. Last year’s draft proved that wide receivers are dime a dozen.

It is a man who weighs 310-340 pounds. Can run a 4.5 forty yard dash, can bench press a Chevy Malibu, can squat a Cadillac Escalade, has lightning quick hands, can also make snap decisions and knife through two and sometimes three equally large and gifted human beings. This person is called a dominating defensive tackle. And in today’s NFL if you don’t have a dominating defensive tackle, then guess what? You don’t have a playoff caliber defense.

The interesting thing about today’s NFL is there are currently only about 10 of those individuals (that we know of) who are walking planet earth. Their names? Well there is a guy named JJ Watt and he makes over a $100 million dollars to provide his services to the Houston Texans. There is another fella by the name of Gerald McCoy, he’s collecting $100 mil in Tampa. You might have heard of this guy Ndamukong Suh? Yeah, well Miami just bestowed on him…you guessed it, over 100 million dollars. And, there is Marcell Dareus. He is currently destroying offensive lines for the Buffalo Bills.

And, if we are going to end this playoff draught and get to the Super Bowl promised land, then he needs too keep doing it for the next 5-7 years at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He too is one of the 10 men on this planet who possess the skills we affectionately term as a dominating NFL defensive tackle. T he cost of his services? Have you not been listening? One-hundred million dollars!

So Doug Whaley…let’s stop screwing around, get his agent in your office, white out McCoy, Suh or Watts name on the contract, replace it with one Marcell Dareus, ask him politely to sign it now, and keep one of the “10” right here in Buffalo so we can keep talking about the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

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