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By: Julio Olmo

Makur Maker announced that he has committed to Howard University and head coach Kenny Blakeney over UCLA, Kentucky, and Memphis.

Maker is the highest-ranked prospect to commit to a historically Black college or university since the ESPN recruiting database began keeping records in 2007.

You do not have to have HBCU blood running through your veins or HBCU Family in order to understand the significance of his decision, but it greatly helps.

In short here are the dynamics, when it comes to decisions such as his.

The only reason that high profile black players don’t go to HBCUs in football is simply that you just don’t get the same exposure or the facilities to help prepare you for the NFL.

However, It is a little different in basketball where one player can change an entire team and a conference.

It will be very interesting to see if more players like Makur Maker take this route. All these young men have the power to change the landscape of collegiate sports.

If the majority of them would commit to HBCU schools every professional team in the NFL, NBA or MLB will come for them and the schools will make billions in television marketing.

“…Makur Maker, Kenny Blakeney, and Howard forever changed the perception of the ability of HBCU programs to pursue the top recruits in college basketball. America!”, John Rothstein – College Basketball Insider.

“This is a beautiful, beautiful thing that just happened.”—Stephen A. Smith on five-star recruit Makur Maker committing to Howard, an HBCU.”, Get Up – ESPN.

“Congrats…Makur Maker Five-star college basketball recruit committing to Howard University gets a 6’11 difference maker!! Florida A&M University alum, wishing you the best!! Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference THE HBCU NATION”, INSiiGHTS – Mickey Clayton.

If yours truly was granted a few minutes, my recruiting sales pitch would have this reality attached to it:

“Son, why kill your body for the same fans who later say to you that your life doesn’t really matter?

Will call you the N-Word or spray paint it on campus at the drop of a hat and mock the Blacks Lives Matter Movement, which is an extension of what so many others before you, gave their lives for?

Jerry Rice and Michael Strahan went to HBCUs. How did that workout for them?

Young man is time to create new culture not just follow same old one.

All you have to do is read or watch all the Hate on social media and television towards our kind.

However, there is always opportunity right in the middle of chaos…Trust Me!”.

“I was the 1st to announce my visit to Howard & other started to dream “what if”. I need to make the HBCU movement real so that others will follow. I hope I inspire guys like Mikey Williams to join me on this journey. I am committing to Howard U & coach Kenny Blakeney #MakerMob”, Makur Maker.

Makur Maker

As it stands right now, opportunity knocked on the door and Makur answered. The only question is will others follow or wait to see what happens now.

Historically the first ones, through the door never get their due credit and that is also a reality.

Makur Maker


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