The Madison Square Mess

By: Rob Botts

A mess is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as: “a dirty or untidy state of things or of a place.” I just can’t think of a better description of the current state of the New York Knicks of the National Basketball association. Being a solutions oriented kind of guy, I offer the following action be taken to clean this mess up ASAP:

  • Immediately have James Dolan realize that he is one of the all time worst owners in sports history with zero respect for the game or for the current or past players in it. He is a petty little man in stature, basketball intelligence and integrity. Whoever has this dude’s ear needs to get deeper in it and get him to sell, sell, sell, sell sell!!! Maybe the commish of the league can jump in here and have him removed just on the basis that the stink from the arena is becoming a pollution / environmental / public safety issue for the city. Or maybe the local fans can get a petition going and begin protesting outside the stadium! Everybody protests about everything else…Why not this mess???? Bottom line is that until “James Mean” hits the road, the Knicks will continue to hit bump after bump.


  • Hire Patrick Ewing as the head coach and Charles Oakley as the assistant coach. Ewing has been around the horn now in the league as an assistant coach to very good reviews by players and other coaches who have worked with him closely. He is a super bright guy who can relate really well with the players. Oh, and he is just the best player in New York Knicks history. Charles Oakley, A.K.A. “Oak” would make a fabulous number 2 guy. First of all, even with the current wimpy rules of the league, just having these two dudes on the sideline most guys would not travel down the lane lightly. The league’s lane is traveled by players like cars going down an open freeway with no toll booths. It’s sad and so easy. Ewing and Oakley are beloved and you would actually have Knicks fans showing up and enjoying their experience as opposed to looking like they about to get a root canal from some back alley upstairs Dental school flunky with no novocain. Speaking of painful, just watch Jeff Hornacek’s in game adjustments. Ouch. 


  • Put Phil out to pasture. Seriously the guy is losing it and most likely will not find it again. Could he coach again? Most likely not because of the physical condition of his body and the travel required. Also, can he really relate to any of the players of today? Sure doesn’t look like it. BUT, he would at least have a chance with coaching where as being a GM has been an absolute failure of dramatic proportions. As a general manager of the Knicks his only bright spot was selecting the long, lanky talented shooter named KristapsPorzingis. Other than that slight sliver of light, we have not seen this much darkness wash over us since the Death Star moved in range to obliterate Alderaan in the original Star Wars. Phil needs to stop talking about other team’s players. He needs to stop reminding us how aloof and really irrelevant he is rapidly becoming. He just needs to stop being the general manager of the New York Knicks.


  • Fire the entire Public Relations department for the Knicks because of the absolute insulting show they put on with having Latrell Sprewell and a few other ex Knicks chumming it up with Dolan on the sidelines at a home game recently. The PR people need to go also for their insulting and careless statement to Charles Oakley telling him that they “hope he gets some help soon.” Talking about needing to get help….


  • Convince Carmelo Anthony that it is in his best BASKETBALL, not business, interest to leave New York city and the Knicks franchise for a nice super team ride in Cleveland Ohio. The reason this would make the Knicks better with his departure is because Melo will always have the talent but the drive just isn’t there with the Knicks. He can’t stand the Zen Master and who could blame him for the way he has been treated by Jackson’s twitter account. Carmelo’s best basketball days may be behind him but with the right players(LeBron and Kyrie) would bring out the best that is left in him and give him a legit shot at a title or to at least give the Cavs a fighting chance against Curry, Durant and the super team out there in the west. With Melo gone, the Knicks could reset and start to build from the ground up.

Am I taking a certain amount of pleasure being that I am a super Boston fan as the Knicks continue sinking as my Celtics continue to rise?

Sure am. But just look at me extending a helpful hand full of solutions!!! How do ya like them Big Apple?

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