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By: Joe Cardoso

The College Football Playoff games on New Year’s Day were EPIC blowouts! Well, sort of, but the hype was off the charts! Yet another reason why I am a full-blown college football junkie.

We are all set for another dose of CFB goodies. What other sport, besides soccer, creates so much passion and excitement? Families divided over who wants who to win, traditions passed down over the years. So, why do people LOVE college football? For me it began with a random Saturday with a little guy from Ohio named Desmond Howard, who was schooling fools and making big plays. It was love at first sight, and from that day until now, I am a DIE HARD Michigan Wolverine fan; always will be.

I wanted to know from other people why they love college football. For those who say there are too many teams and leagues, I say, “Come on, get with the program!” If you can figure out an iPhone or a Starbucks menu, then you can understand the great sport of CFB. Not only does every team have its regular schedule, but there are also rivalry games, some with wacky trophies. It’s about beating the crap out of the “other guys”.

Who wants to win:
Washington vs Washington State: The Apple Cup Trophy
Arkansas vs LSU: Golden Boot
Army vs Navy: Thompson Cup
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State: Bedlam Bell
Georgia vs Georgia Tech: Governor’s Cup…it’s called Good Ole Fashion Hate!

Those are just a few examples of the awesomeness!

When Kristen Ashly, Senior Editor of NBS was asked why she loved CFB, her passion jumped off the page:

“It’s everything the NFL isn’t. It’s a bunch of hungry athletes, in it for the simple love of the game, trying to make a name for themselves. They play harder, faster, and sneakier. The atmosphere is insane, because it’s not just city vs. city, it’s an alma mater. It’s school vs. school, which in my opinion, can be way more intense.”

The passion and party atmosphere of CFB has no age limit. Young and old wake up, crack open a cold one (or 20), play tailgate games and eat tons of unhealthy food. They yell and jump until they have nothing left for their school.  Monte Perez from “The Monte Cristo Sports Thing” brought up the point that no week is a cake walk:

“I love college football because every week a team can go from being ranked no. 2 to being ranked no. 10. Every week means something. The fans are magical, every game is like a party; it’s an all-day event where you see fans cry when they lose to their rivals.”

Upset alert is REAL, and we have all seen a dream season derailed by an unknown or by a player having a bad moment, and costing a game. Ryan Dunne of “One and Dunne Radio” is a fellow Michigan fan, and his reason for the love is shared by many:

“As a Michigan Wolverine fan, we have probably the largest fan base in college football. I think the following and gathering draws across the country is amazing. To me, football is the greatest TEAM sport. It’s about a group of individuals working together to achieve one goal. A WIN. And the fact they get college scholarships in the process.”

Each team has a max of 85 scholarship players. Out of those players, if you are lucky get to the NFL, 7 percent of eligible players get drafted. That means most are playing for love, pride, neighborhood, free education, and family. That is simply fantastic in my opinion, and it shows. We have all seen the videos of players going from walk on to scholarship player. AWESOME!

How you get the bug for the game is different for everybody, but once you have it, you are hooked! Sports X Michelle became a CFB junkie while tuning into SportSXRadio:

“It was when I listened to the passionate host of SportSXRadio that I developed a love for this game. In fact, I resisted college football all my life. I was far more drawn to the NFL. That’s all changed now. I’m an avid CFB fan, and actually use the hashtag #CFBAddict in my tweets. God Bless Saturday!”

So as we get ready for fall, and all the glory that comes with it, let’s take some time to find a CFB rookie and introduce them to this awesome family of crazy fans. For 13 Saturdays, we party like rock stars and scream until it hurts.  Is this the year you’re team goes to a bowl game? Or all the way to the playoffs? Who wins the Heisman Trophy this year? What team and player are we all NOT talking about that will shape the season? These are just a few of the great story lines we can look forward to. Stay tuned… and Michelle’s right – God Bless Saturdays (and any other CFB game day)!

Joe Cardoso
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