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By: Joe Cardoso

Hello, Summer and welcome back dream chaser fans! As the weather heats up and we head outdoors for some of us this means a trip to the driving range to shake off the winter rust and fine tune that shot. I for one, have a mean slice that I can’t seem to shake. It takes a particular type of person to be a teacher; it’s not an easy thing to do, and those that do it should be recognized. For July, our featured “Dream Chaser” is a golf instructor, talk about having patience and a cool head golf players know how fast the game can turn you insane. Not only a top flight player but also having a degree in PGA Golf Management lets get to know Nevadas own Lindsay Hoskins!

Joe Cardoso: The game of golf can be so fun one second and drive you mad the next, why do you love it?

Lindsay Hoskins: I love golf because of the challenge. Golf is the only sport where you can have shots like the Tour Pros, and that’s what makes us all keep trying. The feel of a pure shot is the best feeling in the world. I’ll take nine “decent” shots for one “amazing” shot.  

JC: When did you first pick up a club and was it love at first swing?

LH: I first picked up a club at the age of four. My parents and I started golf at the same time, and they gave me cut down men’s four iron. I keep swinging… missing… swinging… missing, until one day the ball started going in the air. The feel of hitting the ball and seeing it fly in the air brought me joy. I could hit golf balls all day long (seriously, sun up to sun down). My parents realized I had a natural swing and put me into golf camps and lessons.

From there on, I loved the sport even though many of the pros and golf industry as a whole catered to men. My first golf coach, Mike Sizemore, gave me so much of his time, for little to no cost. He is a true PGA Professional, for he cared about my enjoyment and success in the golf. I played against (and beat) the boys in Junior Golf Tournaments and was one of four women in my PGA Golf Management Program in college. Golf wasn’t much of a “girls” sport when I started, but it has changed immensely over time. I hope every little girl gets an opportunity to swing a golf club and love this game that I love.

JC: How awesome was it working for the PGA?

LH: It was such an amazing experience! I was the Championship Coordinator for the PGA, based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Not only did I get to plan Junior Tournaments all over the country, but I was also able to be a part of the Ryder Cup at Medinah. I learned a lot about our national organization and everything involved to be the largest sports organization in America. 

JC: Ever have dreams of going pro?

LH: Unfortunately, no. My passion is in instruction and helping others enjoy this fantastic sport. I played competitively throughout most of my childhood and realized I like playing golf for fun, without pressure or making a paycheck based on my golf abilities. I still love playing in small, local events, but golf for me now consists of relaxing and spending time with friends and family on the course.

JC: What is more satisfying and why crushing it off the tee and or nailing a long putt and why?

LH: I know I shouldn’t say this because I preach practicing the short game, but crushing a drive off the tee brings me the most joy! Nothing beats the feel of the ball launching off the club face and seeing it soar down the fairway. Don’t get me wrong… long putts are still satisfying and more beneficial to your game.

JC: Who are some of the players in the LPGA and PGA you enjoy watching?

LH: TIGER! I’ve always been a Tiger fan and love what he did for the industry. He’s the Michael Jordan of golf. He’s spiked interest in the game, and no other PGA Tour Professional has created the same “buzz.” He is truly one of the most remarkable players based on his physical fitness and mental game. I hope he’s around for a long time!


JC: What are some of the coolest opportunities the game has allowed you to be part of?

LH: I love to travel, and golf has allowed me to visit courses all over America, as well as across the globe. The coolest experience was going to the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah. I worked a summer internship at Medinah, so it was amazing to go back and see how the course transformed for this world-class tournament. Seeing as I worked for the PGA, I was allowed inside the ropes and clubhouse, making this a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Lindsay Hoskins

JC: Not being able to pick Augusta, pick four people to play a round with pro or nonpro and where are you playing and why? 

LH: Now that’s a tough one! I would choose to play Bethpage Black to see truly how hard it is! I love a challenge! My foursome would consist of myself, Lexi Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Justin Timberlake. I’m sure I’d get my butt kicked by all three, but it could be a fun group!

JC: Halfway done with 2019 what is still on the to-do list for Lindsay?

LH: Launching my product line. I have a line of clothing and accessories, just for golfers. Not only are the products stylish but fun. Get a “Talk Birdie to Me” hat or “Namast’ay in the Fairway” shirt! Keep an out for these awesome products!

JC: When not playing or teaching golf, where can we find you, and what are you doing? 

LH: If I’m not on the course, you can find me on the lanes or in the gym. I’ve really started to enjoy bowling and bowl weekly in a league and in national tournaments. I also love to workout and am a Zumba Instructor. On top of my already busy schedule, I teach two Zumba classes a week.

Bonus Questions:

JC: If you could change one rule in golf, what would it be and why?

LH: I would change hitting out of a divot in the fairway… it’s kind of a man-made obstruction, right? Haha!

JC: Who is Lindsay Hoskins?

LH: I am a happy, positive, and outgoing person who always tries to find the best in every situation. Every shortcoming or heartbreak is a learning opportunity for me, and I’ve only become stronger. I am a woman passionate about growing the game of golf and making it less intimidating to beginners. Seeing as I’ve golfed for my entire life, I find so much joy out of helping other people succeed on the golf course. 

Thank you, Lindsay, for taking chopping it up with me and sharing your journey. For more information on her instruction services and clothing line, follow her on Instagram and her website.   

Get up and get out this summer and be active golf is an excellent way to enjoy this time of year and also challenge yourself. This game can be cruel and that challenge is what makes golf so much fun. Never settling and always working to pursue goals. That is what makes a dream chaser be on the lookout for our next Q&A!




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