Let’s Draft The 2017 NBA Finals

2017 NBA Finals
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With the 2017 NBA Finals about to begin, I decide how each team would be built if teams were built pick-up basketball style. Let’s pick some captains, throw everyone into the middle of the park and pick teams.

For this, we will do a snake draft. The captains of these two NBA Finals teams will be none other than LeBron James and Steph Curry. Since LeBron is the defending champion, Steph will get the first pick. Let’s do this.

With the 1st pick in the 2017 NBA Finals draft, Team Curry selects…

#1 – Team Curry – Kevin Durant

This sort of had to happen, right? If Curry isn’t the second best player in this series, then it is Kevin. The gigantic small forward and scoring dynamo fits perfectly with the two-time reigning MVP.

#2 – Team LeBron – Draymond Green

Okay, this is just scary. Pairing LeBron James with a guy who is arguably the best defender in the NBA isn’t fair. So, when you add in the fact that Draymond is a quality scorer and excellent facilitator, you have a sturdy foundation for a championship team.

#3 – Team LeBron – Kyrie Irving

Not only does LeBron love this guy, but it is a tried and true method to surround King James with shooters. Boy does Kyrie shoot it. The All-Star point guard has proven his big game and big shot prowess time and time again which is what lands him on LeBron’s team.

#4 – Team Curry – Klay Thompson

#5 – Team Curry – Kevin Love

It doesn’t really matter who went at which pick here, just matters that Curry took them both. With LeBron taking Curry’s favorite power forward, the chef had to get Kevin Love. Adding Klay Thompson as well just makes too much sense, the splash brothers are still at it together. The irony here is that once upon a time Klay Thompson was almost traded for Kevin Love, and now they’re playing the same (made-up) team!

#6 – Team LeBron – Tristan Thompson

#7 – Team LeBron – J.R. Smith

Thompson going at 6 to LeBron is an easy pick, he’s clearly the best fit at center for Team LeBron and will provide strong rebounding. Picking JR at 7, however, was a difficult decision. While it may have been tempting to Andre Iguodala there, LeBron ultimately takes Smith there to fill a need for a shooter.

#8 – Team Curry – Andre Iguodala

#9 – Team Curry – Zaza Pachulia

The Curry’s were in dire need of a solid defensive wing as well as a big man entering these 2 picks, luckily they got both. Iguodala can provide elite wing defense as well as facilitate the offense which is crucial for this squad. Zaza on the other hand will always be playing hard and doing the small thing to benefit his team.

#10 – Team LeBron – Deron Williams

#11 – Team LeBron – David West

There is a very legitimate case to be made for Livingston going instead of Williams here, but let’s remember this is LeBron. Williams is a perfect fit here because of his shooting ability. David West will be a perfect big man for them off the bench. He’ll provide quality scoring, good passing, and good hard defense.

#12 – Team Curry – Shaun Livingston

#13 – Team Curry – Javale McGee

Curry grabs two of his Warriors teammates here. As a team that needs playmakers and defense, Livingston is the perfect fit and is already used to playing with Curry and Durant. Adding McGee gives them some good depth and athleticism off the bench at the center position.

#14 – Team LeBron – Iman Shumpert

#15 – Team LeBron – Kyle Korver

#16 – Team Curry – Channing Frye

#17 – Team Curry – Patrick McCaw

#18 – Team LeBron – Ian Clark

#19 – Team LeBron – Richard Jefferson

#20 – Team Curry – Derrick Williams

#21 – Team Curry – Matt Barnes

#22 – Team LeBron – James Michael McAdoo

#23 – Team LeBron – James Jones

Aaaaand Mister Irrelevant in the 2017 NBA Finals draft is…….

#24 – Team Curry – Damian Jones

So that was draft, let’s see how it plays out.

Team LeBron’s top 9 players will be: LeBron, Draymond, Kyrie, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Deron Williams, David West, Iman Shumpert, and Kyle Korver.

Team Curry’s top 9 players will be: Curry, Durant, Klay, Kevin Love, Zaza, Iguodala, Livingston, McGee, and McCaw.

Looking at these two teams, it pains me to say (as a Warriors fan) that Team LeBron would win these finals 4-2. LeBron is without doubt the best player on earth right now, and supplying him with Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving, and a bunch of shooters is just down right unfair. However, this series will never happen. I guess we’ll have to settle for watching the Warriors and Cavaliers face off in what could be the greatest display of basketball ever seen.


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