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By: Julio Olmo

“…LeBron, What do you’ve to say to all of your critics?”, Question from ABC Reporter

“…I’m just a kid from Akron, Ohio…I’m not even suppose to be here…I feel bless!”, LeBron James

That was LBJ’s response in 2013 after the Miami Heat won the NBA Title.

As a card carrying member of Heat Nation, I’d to let my brothers and sisters Miami Heat fans relish in the moment, but from that point on I knew LeBron was going back home to Cleveland once his tenure with the Heat was done.

Foresight can be a curse lots of times.

His answer might as well been:

“You can take the kid out Akron, but you’ll never take Akron out of the kid!”

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The Chosen was born to play ball and he knew it from the first time that he pick up a basketball and his gift was unquestionable from childhood.

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LeBron James only needed time away from all of the attention in Cleveland to figure out how to win a championship. The Cavaliers send a kid to Miami and the Heat sent back a Champion.

In my lifetime, I’d been blessed with the opportunity to see Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James play.

Who’s  the best?

I use the following intangible to separate one from the other.

MJ carried mediocre teammates to multiple titles, however Kobe with all his talent could not and LeBron needed time away from home to figure out how to do it.


LeBron Raymond James is coming after the Legend of The GOAT now…Guns Blazing!

The only question is if he has enough time to reach it? Because he has been playing at such a furious level from the time that he was a teenager.

Slam Magazine

“I want people to say when I walk by…there goes the best that ever was!”, Robert Redford on The Natural





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