The ‘LeBron to GSW’ Rumor Is Why The NBA Is The Best

Late last night ESPN broke a story about how LeBron could be meeting with the defending champs this off-season. Then, twitter exploded.

This is what makes the NBA so dang great. Just two days ago Blake freaking Griffin, the face of Los Angeles basketball, was traded to the Pistons and somehow it’s no longer a major story. It seems like Blake has been on the Pistons for a decade now. Last night, there were no games of note, so what happens? BOOM. LeBron to GSW rumors start swirling. I should mention now, this story is hypotheticals at their best. Saying “if” the Warriors part ways with three of their top-8 players, “if” they want to give KD a major paycut, and “if” LeBron even wants to meet with is a stretch. That’s a long way JUST to get a meeting. This story was click-bait at its finest, but I love it.

The NBA as a league can be very click-baity, but in a good way. I’ll be scrolling through my timeline and see half-a-dozen “Player dunks viciously on other player” tweets a night and I will click on every damn one of them. This is the glory of the league, it always has our attention and is always getting juicy. The NBA is the one place that provides you with the best athletes on earth and the drama of Grey’s Anatomy.

So what happens if King James actually does take his talents to The Bay? The NBA ends I think. In Steph Curry, KD, and LeBron the Dubs would arguably have the three best players on earth. I get it, this destroys the competitive balance of the league (not that the Dubs weren’t already heavy heavy favorites). But just imagine how incredible this team would be to watch. One possession Steph would pull up from like 34 feet to splash home a three, the next possession some great ball movement would get KD an open three, then the next one the Warriors force a turnover and LeBron dunks on everyone and their mothers. The Dubs would also without doubt win the next 3-4 titles, which would bore fanbases of the other 29 teams but whatever.

The point of this story is that the NBA is freaking fun and that the rumors in the league make it even better. And I know what you’re all saying: “There is no way this could happen.” But I think we all said that about Durant before he made his trip to Dub Nation…


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