What I learned from my 30 day challenge


By: Ashley Otero

My 30 Day Abs Challenge was quite a challenge for me. I had little to zero support and no team, which meant I was only relying on myself to stay motivated. That was the biggest factor that led to my demise, also alcohol did not help…. but hey, it was my birthday.

The following sums up what I learned from trying a 30 day challenge:

It is a stupid idea to do this during your birthday month (Obviously)

It helps to keep you motivated if you con someone you know into doing it with you (Accountability)

Everyone I know apparently hates themselves (Blatantly refused to do the challenge)

Some will show support but will still refuse to exercise one bit (Thanks, but no thanks)

Once you stop it is beyond impossible to start again (Hangover much?)

I will do it again and again until I complete it (I get back up)

If you don’t make your health a priority and you are not satisfied about your weight or shape, you will continue to be unhappy, no one will force you to change except yourself (Still a work in progress for me)

Social Media can really help you get motivated or it can also destroy all motivation. (A double edged sword)

Also, a bit of creative posing and utilizing filters reduce the actual need to stay in shape as you can see from my update photo:

Trying to make it look like I did more work than I actually did...
Trying to make it look like I did more work than I actually did…

I’m still going pretty strong, and I actually just ordered a waist trainer to check out what that hype is all about.

Just remember, No one will be disappointed in you for trying.

Final advice, just find an activity you enjoy and it will be a heck of a lot easier to stay fit. For me, that activity is Kayaking.

Keep Going!
Keep Going, even if its 9:45 PM!!

I should note that I had to google what those weights in front of me were (Kettlebells) and how to use them. Then I googled the medicine balls that you see behind me. I also took a swing at cycling or Spin Class and OUCH that seat hurts.

As you can see, I have no idea what I’m doing but at least I am trying, and along the way I am also trying to motivate others. I must admit that everyday that I woke up and worked out I felt great, for me it helps to wake me up and get me going as well as it is a HUGE factor in helping to reduce stress and clear my mind. I will continue onward and I hope there are some others that will continue with me.

Next Task – Waist Trainer

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