What Did We Learn About the NFL This Season?


By: Monte Perez

This has been one of the craziest NFL seasons of all-time. The Broncos went into yesterday’s game against the Chargers and could have been a #1 seed or a #6 seed. Denver clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs when BACK UP Peyton Manning came off the bench and led them to a victory. The Atlanta Falcons started the season 5-0, only to end up missing the playoffs with an 8-8 record. The Kansas City Chiefs started the season 1-5 and won 10 straight games to quality for the post-season. There were too many “Strange” things that happened to have one theme for this article. So I will use musical lyrics and of course… movie quotes.

Michael Jackson released his hit single, “Remember the Time” on January 14th way back in 1992. For those of you who suffer with short term memory, this section is called…


Remember the Time:

Does everyone remember when Rex Ryan first signed with the Buffalo Bills? The Bills had a very good defensive last year and they led the league in sacks. Rex said that he felt the Bills defensive under achieved. Well Rex, I am sorry to tell you, but YOUR DEFENSE greatly underachieved. Rex took a Bills defense that led the league in sacks last year (54) and made them an average defense. The Bills struggled to get the quarterback. They were ranked 31st out of 32 teams. I have been saying it for years, teams have adjusted to Ryan’s blitz packages and they Bills mustered only 21 sacks all year. That is 33 less sacks than what they did under Doug Marone in 2014. The Bills acquired RB… LeSean McCoy, TE…Charles Clay and QB…Tyrod Taylor and went 8-8. Again… the team regressed from last year’s 9-7 record. Ryan has now missed the post
-season for 5 straight years.
Would any other coach who has never been to a Super Bowl still have a job? Say it out loud. 5 straight years as a head coach and no playoff appearances.


Does everyone remember when Johnny Manziel on draft night text the Browns management and said, “Let’s wreck this league.”? The Browns drafted Maziel with the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2014 draft. To say he has been a bust would be an understatement. In two years with the Browns Maziel completed 57% of his passes had 7 touchdown passes, 7 interceptions and 7 fumbles. Why would anyone think that the Browns know what they are doing? They haven’t won a championship since 1964 for a reason… They Stink!!!! Here is a list of quarterbacks draft by Cleveland since 1999

Tim Couch: Career 59% completions, 64 touchdowns and 67 interceptions.

Brady Quinn: Career 53% completions, 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

Brandon Weeden:  57% completions, 31 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.

Johnny Manziel: 57% completions, 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

Do we see a pattern here? Manziel continues to party(even though he went to rehab) and will make headlines off the field because he can’t make them on the field. He is the definition of a first round bust. By the way… for all the Manziel supporters, Let us remember his time in college… He was 10-6 in the SEC.

In the Movie Creed, Rocky Says, “ If I break, I ain’t gonna fix it. Everything I got is moved on and I’m here.”


The theme for this next section is: It is broke and it ain’t gonna get fixed unless there are drastic changes.

Jets fans have been mocking me all season and saying I have been too critical of Ryan Fitzpatrick. The journeyman who has been on 6 teams, had a great season. But, when the Jets needed him the most against an average Bills defense he came up short. Fitz was 16 for 37,threw  2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. It is time for the Jets to move on from Fitz. He is what he is, an average quarterback. In order to get to a Super Bowl an NFL team needs a playmaker at QB,that is not Fitz. He is a huge upgrade from Geno Smith but let us not be blinded, Fitz has never been to a playoff game. If the Jets want to compete for a Super Bowl they have to find a franchise QB. Either start developing Bryce Petty or draft a QB in the 1st round. Fitz is NOT THE ANSWER. He is a Band-Aid on something that needs stitches.


It is time to move away from Tom Coughlin Giants fans. Say it out loud, The Giants haven’t been to the playoffs 6 out of 7 years. Coughlin last 3 seasons on the sidelines have been pitiful, 7-9,6-10,6-10. Giants fans refuse to live in the present, they are living in the past. If Bill Belichick didn’t make the playoffs 6 out of 7 years I would say he should be fired too. Jerry Reese and Coughlin both need to go ASAP.

How does Jeff Fisher have a job? Over the past 6 seasons, Fisher can’t seem to get passed mediocrity. His last two years with the Titans Fisher was 8-8 and 6-10. As the Rams head coach Fisher hasn’t made the playoffs and hasn’t had a winning season in 4 years. St. Louis is 27-35 under his leadership. Never has a coach done less and been more respected. It is time for the Rams to look elsewhere. Fisher has made one Super Bowl appearance and people around the NFL act like he is Vince Lombardi.

End of the Year Awards:


Cam Newton


3,837 passing yards, 45 total touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Cam has been dominate all year long. He has matured and grown to be the leader of this team. Steve Young set the record for most career games (31) with at least one touchdown pass and one rushing TD in a game. Young did this in 169 games played. Newton has tied this record in 78 games. In the RedZone… his size, speed and strength is an absolute nightmare for any defense.

Coach of the Year:

Ron Rivera:

When WR Kelvin Benjamin got injured in pre-season, almost every NFL expert counted out the Panthers. Rivera adjusted his offense around Newton’s strength and their defense is amongst the best in the league. Anytime a coach goes 15-1 he should win Coach of the Year because the NFL season is an absolute grind. I don’t think the Panthers will win the Super Bowl but this award will be well deserved.

Rookie of the Year: I have two winners:

Marcus Mariota and Todd Gurley

If Marcus Mariota didn’t get hurt he would have easily won this award. With no offensive line, no running back and no legitimate wide receiver, Mariota had a great year. Mariota became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 250 yards, rush for 100 yards and 3 throw three touchdown passes in one game. He also had 4 games this year where he had 3 touchdown passes,that ties Peyton Manning for a rookie record.


Todd Gurley: Gurley rushed for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns in only 13 games. Despite having no quarterback and no consistent passing game, he thrived.

My next article will be the NFL Playoff Preview

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