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By: Rob Botts

Yes Boston Celtic fans, the IT department is being outsourced to Cleveland Ohio. We loved Isaiah Thomas here in Beantown. What was not to like? He was the little baller that could. We loved his story and we rooted for him so badly and he always responded with a gutsy drive to the hoop or a deep three over outstretched arms. He couldn’t have done more to capture our hearts and respect. Just look at his scoring average from last year. 28.9 baby. Right thee with all the greats in terms of points per game for this historic franchise. You know, the franchise with some other dudes who could kind of play the game relatively well from a scoring perspective.(Bird, Havliceck, McHale, Pierce)

We all loved Thomas’s infectious smile. It lit up the garden as he would look at his pretend watch after hitting a big shot to see what time it was. Well, it is time to move on. There was a beautiful playfulness to him even when he had a determined smirk on his face. That smile from a man everybody loves will be replaced with a dude who has a snarl to him and is a stone cold killer with a championship ring. That is one Kyrie Irving folks. 

A supreme baller who is 3 years younger, a 4 time all star, has a terminally ill handle and is above all else, CLUTCH. Just ask Mr. LeBron James about the final dagger that got him that ring on his finger and brought the city of Cleveland their first title since the 1960s. Speaking of Mr. James, that budding grudge match between the two is going to reach an absolute apex this season between the two during cities for eastern conference supremacy. Can you hear that Boston fans? LeBron is crying already. Or is it tears of exertion from pumping out that next set of weights while filming himself. Ugh.

The Celtics have themselves a bonafide superstar who won’t take a back seat to anybody and is gonna bring that nasty that is sorely needed to Brad Stevens crew of likable dudes. Just look at what Kyrie can do and he is only 25. Talk about getting in on something at the right time while train is still going up the hill.

  • Incredible handle? Check.
  • Creative mid air adjusting scoop or floater shots under or around the rim? Check.
  • A sneaky physicalness that bothers every guard that tries to check him? Check.
  • An old school attitude that wants to rip your heart out and feed it back to you off of his shoestrings? Check.
  • A sweet pull up mid range jumper? Check.
  • An off the dribble three point bomb in the biggest moments? Check.
  • Some of the biggest cojones in the entire league on and off the court? Check, check, check, check.
  • The best offseason move by Mr. Danny Ainge since bringing on the “other big 3” back in 2008? Check mate.

In the end, this just reminds me of a line from my favorite movie of all time. The Godfather. Isaiah Thomas, “This isn’t personal. It’s strictly business.”

And business is about to booming!

Rob Botts
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