Kliff Kingsbury is the right man for the Jets job

Kingsbury while working at Texas Tech

The New York Jets have not won a Super Bowl since 1968. Under Todd Bowles nothing was changing and although they came close in his first season never made a playoff appearance. Bowles was fired after the season and the Jets are once again in the head coach market. Bowles who will make a solid defensive coordinator for a team was no longer a fit for the Jets not only because of his lackluster coaching but the Jets need of an offensive minded coach due to the emergence of Sam Darnold.

Enter Kliff Kingsbury. Yes, he was fired from Texas Tech a middle of the pack Big 12 school but he has an offensive mind like no other. Kingsbury has worked with many sucessful college QBs even some that did well at the pros including Patrick Mahomes, Davis Webb, Johnny Manziel, and Baker Mayfield. The performance of these players while working with Kingsbury speaks for themselves with three of them ending up to be first round draft picks.

The concern with Kingsbury is obvious considering he was fired from Texas Tech and has no NFL coaching experience of any kind. However at least two teams see the light with the Jets and Cardinals giving him interviews. He is currently the offensive coordinator at USC but whether it’s now or later he’ll receive some sort of oppurtunity at the NFL level.

Kingsbury is a major risk but is better than hiring a retread such as Adam Gase or Mike McCarthy. You know what those guys are going to give you because they’ve coached in the NFL before. The next Sean McVay isn’t going to be found through hiring recycled coaches. The Jets are in the middle of a rebuild and banking their future on potential. Kingsbury fits right in with that trend.

The Jets have been rumored to want to go after a big name coach but sometimes the big name isn’t the best option. Kingsbury is the perfect offensive mind and him and Darnold could be the next McVay and Goff. Kingsbury needs to be the Jets next head coach.

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