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By: Joe Cardoso

Fall is racing towards us and for some people, the goals for the perfect beach body have been met, but that doesn’t mean you quit. This month the spotlight on fitness is back on the west coast San Diego, California is the place. We introduce you to a young lady who has plans to not just kick butt in the gym but also the courtroom. She is new to the scene of fitness scene but it won’t be too long before she is a household name introducing Karina Rutledge!


Joe Cardoso: Has fitness always been a part of your life?
Karina Rutledge: Definitely not! I was never really into sports when I was in younger. I was honestly pretty lazy and could not be convinced to work out at all. A few years ago, after I gained the dreaded “freshman 15” I became addicted to cardio. Running, elliptical, and my former all-time favorite machine-the stair climber. I would spend an hour a day trying to burn as many calories as I could. It was even worse because I wouldn’t allow myself to eat over 1,000 calories a day (SUPER UNHEALTHY!!!). I was the unhealthiest version of myself….
JC: When you first started out were you nervous and at what point did you become hooked?
KR: Oh 100%!! I’m not going to lie, the gym intimidated me. Especially since my gym was my university gym (San Diego State University Go Aztecs!!). Everyone looked so fit and they all seemed like they knew what they were doing. I was so nervous about looking weak or not having the right form. I decided to ask my friends, Drew and Eden, to work out with me. After a few sessions with them, I became more confident and comfortable with working out. After two months of lifting, I started to see changes in my body. I was gaining muscle and getting stronger. Definitely seeing a difference with the way my body looked, and my friends telling me that I was changing, made me become addicted to weightlifting. Honestly, though…newbie gains are SO real!!!
JC: What is your typical workout routine?
KR: I work out 5 days a week, I normally never make it to the gym on the weekends. I honestly do try but I usually like to make my Saturday’s and Sunday’s my rest days. That way I can go out and hang out with my friends!
Monday: Leg/Glutes!
Stretch/warm up (always important to activate your glutes before any leg day, makes such a difference)
1. Banded hip abductions x30
2. Banded donkey kicks x15 each leg
3. Banded glue bridges x25
Repeat 3x
1. Sumo Deadlifts @ 135 lbs 4×8
2. Banded Hip Thrusts @ 195 lbs 6×8 (8-second isometric hold at last rep)
3. Banded Glute Bridges @ 85 lbs 4×12 (8-second isometric hold at last rep)
4. Kettlebell Swings @ 45 lbs 4×12 (Put 5 lb plates under toes, sumo stance)
5. Cable Pull-Throughs @ 80 lbs 4×12
6. Hip Abduction Machine (Drop set) Such a killer!!!
190 lbs 10 reps
150 lbs 15 reps
100 lbs 20 reps
70 lbs 30 reps
Repeat 3xs
7. Hamstring curl 4×10 @ 40 lbs (slow and steady!!)

Tuesday: Shoulders
Stretch/warm-up – external/internal rotation
1. Seated Unilateral Arnold Dumbbell Shoulder Press @ 20 lbs 4×10 each arm
2. 90 Degree Lateral Raise (Drop set)
12 lbs 10 reps
10 lbs 12 reps
7.5 lbs 15 reps
Repeat 4xs
3. Front raise @ 7.5 lbs 4×10
4. Unilateral Front raise to side raise 7.5 lbs 4×12 each arm
5. Around the Worlds 7.5 lbs 4×12

Stretch/warm up
1. Single Arm Dumbbell Row @ 25 lbs 4×10
2. Seated Cable Row @ 50 lbs 4×12
3. Single Arm Seated Cable Row @ 20 lbs 4×12 each arm
4. Close Grip Lat Pull Down @ 50 lbs 4×12
5. Bent Over Plate Row @ 35 lbs 4×10
6. Cable Face Pulls 10 reps @ 40 lbs
superset with Seated Cable Face Pulls 10 reps @ 40 lbs
Repeat 4xs

Thursday: Repeat Monday’s leg/glute routine

Friday: Repeat Tuesday’s shoulder’s routine

JC: Everyone has an opinion on supplements and diet what is yours?
KR: I like to take fish oil pills every day with my breakfast. So many benefits! I definitely recommend taking some time and looking at all the research there is online. I take vitamin c pills daily, it’s become a habit from living in the dorms my freshman year of college. Just trying to keep my immune system in good shape!! I take a  pre workout, usually just on leg days, when I’m lifting heavier.
I always, always, always take my protein with me to the gym so that I take it immediately after my workout. I don’t track calories or restrict myself from anything. I try to eat mostly clean but I’ll still have pizza and ice cream, I just save it for my leg days 😉
JC: Did you play sports growing up and did that influence you towards fitness?
KR: And actually nope! I was always super clumsy and lazy when I was younger, didn’t even go to the gym for the first time until my sophomore year of college.
JC: Is this a career in the making for you or are you just driving to be the healthiest version of yourself?
KR: I think I’m just going with the flow as of now. I just started my career in the legal field so I’m definitely focusing on that. Maybe someday down the road when I have some free time I’ll get back into filming videos and creating workouts. But for now, I’m happy with what I’m doing. I 100% want to keep working out and being healthy but I don’t want that to be my main focus.

JC: Who are some people in the fitness world you look up to for tips and motivation?
KR: ooooh! This is easy. I absolutely love Whitney Simmons!!! Her workouts are a little bit extra, but that’s what I love about her! Always coming up with creative ways to workout.
JC: How has social media helped or hurt your journey so far?
KR: It’s crazy how social media is nowadays. When I first started my fitness journey I had a lot of guys follow me for my bikini pictures… which is fine! I love it haha. But what made me really get into posting my workouts online is when girls started following me and telling me I inspired them to start their own fitness journey or even to get a membership at a gym. Those supportive girls are what makes me want to come up with more fitness content for my social media. So once I get a handle of my new job I’m definitely getting back into that.
JC: I’m sure you see all the fake fitness information and accounts on social media. How important is it to you to be real with people?
KR: Oh gosh! It pains me to see those 30-day squat challenges or get a Kardashian butt with bodyweight workouts…. Like no people that’s not how it works. Yeah sure, you can get your heart rate up and get that blood flowing by doing 100 bodyweight squats but will it make you build muscle. That is a big fat NO. So stupid…. It literally hurts me when I see that kind of stuff on social media.
JC: What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?
KR: I’m focusing on being the best I can do at my job, I just got hired as a full-time attorney legal assistant at a law firm in Downtown San Diego. I’m studying for the LSAT (law school admission test) and taking online classes for a paralegal certification program when I’m not at my 8-5 job. I have so little free time that I’m honestly surprised I can even get time to lift some weights. But I somehow do, and honestly, it helps to de-stress me.

JC: When not working out what can we find Karina doing?
KR: Easy! I’m at the beach or listening to crime podcasts! I especially like to listen to cold cases!! I’m watching Suits on Amazon Prime right now…. SOOO good! I love it.
JC: I have one day in San Diego, what are 3 things I MUST do and why?
KR: Go to the bars in PB! I like El Prez for day drinking (they have the BEST Bloody Mary’s) and Mavericks at night. I always have a good time at those bars.
Go lay out on the beach, I like the beaches in La Jolla the most.
Go get late night food at Panchos by SDSU! They have the best burritos ever

JC: Criminal Justice major…If you could be on one TV show as a lawyer what would it be? Law & Order? Blue Bloods or something else?
KR: My career goal is to become a prosecutor for sex crimes, so yes exactly like Law & Order SVU!
Always on the go and with a bright future ahead of her follow Karina on social media. We want to thank her for taking the time to talk with us and share her story. A goods look into the journey of someone who is just starting out but wants to inspire others to be healthy. Who will be put under the spotlight next?

Twitter: @karinarutledge
Instagram: @karina.rutledge
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JzHfWvF6wv9TtutPKeYpA or search Karina Rutledge!Online

Fitness Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/166057417426897/



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