Kaepernick: Much Respect

Colin Kaepernick

Kap Does It Again

Brother Colin Kaepernick has done it again by doing his part to address COVID-19 extraordinarily.

This effort includes his Know Your Rights Camp, which just launched its COVID-19 relief fund to address the disproportionate effects this virus is having on black and brown communities.

This pandemic sheds light on the systemic inequities that exist in health and economics along racial lines.

Some say that when America catches a cold, Black America catches pneumonia.

So, the problem with this country is that it takes a crisis of this magnitude to acknowledge these realities.

The donations to Kap’s program will go towards the following:

  1. Working with local restaurants to distribute food to local communities and essential workers
  2. Providing shelter relief
  3. Education programs for black and brown communities on COVID-19
  4. PPE for medical personal
  5. Efforts to reduce the spread of the virus in prisons and to reduce the prison population

Kap has already contributed $100,000 to launch this program.

He started his Know Your Camps in 2017 after the NFL blackballed him for his principled stand for justice.

Know Your Rights Camp NYC - Nessa On Air

Educational Purpose

The purpose of his organization is to educate black and brown communities. They must know about their rights in encounters with law enforcement.

They have set up shop in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, and Oakland. This new initiative will target towns with large black populations.

His work follows the blueprint the Black Panther Party laid out in the 1960s, intending to utilize social resources by and for the community.

Kap’s unapologetic blackness has always been evident throughout his rise to social prominence, and his work, following the Blank Panthers, only solidifies that.

To all the naysayers who go after Kap and delegitimize his social significance, whatcha got now?

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