Jon “Chucky” Gruden, is back on sidelines for the Oakland Raiders!

Chucky is back!


“Trader’s remorse? Apparently So…

By: Julio Olmo

The Oakland Raiders wanted – and have now,  Jon Gruden…

In order to understand the magnitude and the backpedaling that the Oakland Raiders did to finally made this deal  happen, you’ve to know your NFL history.

There is a ‘lil Philadelphia Eagles history mixed in…so I have this one cold!

The Raiders traded Gruden to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2002. 

Jon Gruden originally made his bones as an offensive coordinator with the Philadelphia Eagles before landing the head coaching position with the Oakland Raiders and that’s where he was baptized with the nickname Chucky by one of his players because his facial expressions during games.

Jon Gruden star was on the rise when he landed the head coaching position with the Raiders, but Al Davis – may he rest in peace – did not fully recognized Chucky’s talents.

In his mind Davis strongly believed that a more vertical passing game was the key in returning his Oakland Raiders to their old glory days and Super Bowl success, but Gruden was more in touch with reality and knew that his journeyman quarterback Rich Gannon did not have the skill or arm strength to launch bombs all over the field as Davis wanted.

The two firmly disagreed in this philosophy, but as it is always the case when you’ve a difference of opinion with the guy who signs the pay checks…you’re not going to win that argument ever, trust me!

So Al Davis found an excuse to trade Chucky to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he ended up winning a Super Bowl with another journeyman quarterback named Jeff Garcia.

The media promptly labeled Jon Gruden’s success as follows,

“…winning a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s guys…”,

But you must be really careful making blanket statements such as that from inside a television studio without doing your homework.

If Tony Dungy had such a talented team…Why didn’t he win a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay?

It stands to reason then that Tony Dungy under achieved during his tenure as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach because as soon as Gruden was given the same opportunity as Dungy…he promptly went to cash it in!

If you’re looking for an example of a coach winning a championship with “…another coach’s’ guys”,

I present to you Barry Swifter winning a Super Bowl in Dallas with Jimmy Johnson’s guys.

Swifter was so mentally challenge that he once – I still can not believe his excuse to this day! – tried to get a loaded hand gun through airport security in Dallas by hiding it inside his carry on suitcase…

But Barry Swifter does have a Super Bowl ring!

Jimmy Johnson and Jon Gruden in spite of both being brilliant head coaches eventually decided that it was better to become television analysts than having to put up with a meddling team owner.

However Raiders owner Mark Davis was determined to right the wrong that Al Davis did.

Great to see you back on NFL sidelines again, Chucky!


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