John Henry is not making Chaim Bloom look good

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Spring training is tomorrow and the Red Sox are in a cluster. Chaim Bloom was brought here to cut payroll and make some big trades. However, John Henry has put him in a bind by trading Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers and not getting good prospects in return. Henry is making Bloom look dumb and he just got here. The Sox gave those big contracts to Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi last year now want to cut salary and build a farm system. For Bloom, he realizes this isn’t Tampa Bay with a small market. The Sox have the highest payroll in the Majors and a huge market. According to reports when the media didn’t like what the Red Sox were getting back in the trade ownership froze because they were listening to the media.

At this point, Bloom must be thinking why he took the job with the Sox. He has no manager, Cora got thrown under the bus by the Astros and he’s trying to build a team to be successful in the future. If I was bloom I would make sure the Dodgers are sending good prospects and not listen to ownership because his job is to put a good product on the field. Unfortunately, the ownership is being difficult and cares what the media thinks on talk radio is ridiculous. They shouldn’t care what they think all that matters is the product on the field.

Bloom is going to have to answer some tough questions by the media and this ain’t the Tampa media. Boston media is a lot tougher and bigger. People around here want answers and Bloom wad just doing what was being asked of him. With the Sox signing Andrew Benintendi they now have a left and center fielder for the 2020 season. The Sox completed their trade with the Dodgers last night and will get Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and a catcher from the Dodgers.

Chaim Bloom is supposedly going to talk to reporters today who are down at spring training. Mookie and Price will be missed in a Red Sox uniform both J.D. Martinez and Jackie Bradley Jr. Took to Instagram to wish them both the best of luck. It seems Bloom got back a lot better this time around than last week. Red Sox should expect to sign another pitcher though to begin the season because their starting rotation is a bit short.

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