John Elway disingenuous statement about Colin Kaepernick

John Elway & Colin Kaepernick
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“…I thought that he came across as smug as they can possibly be and I thought that his body language, his facial expressions, you know his whole demeanor and to a lesser degree some of his words were just ripe with indignation towards Colin Kaepernick  and it clearly has to be because of the collusion case…”, Stephen A. Smith – First Take ESPN, “…Here’s the reality of the situation before Colin Kaepernick ever took a knee…at that time John Elway basically asked Colin Kaepernick to take about a 42% pay cut…so he respectfully declined…I thought it was very disingenuous on the part of John Elway…”

“…I don’t find what he said smug, disingenuous maybe!…There’s disinformation on the one hand, on the other hand there’s misleading information…the question is if that misleading information is intentional…it’s safe to say that it is intentionally misleading…”, Max Kellerman – First Take ESPN.


“I’m afraid E.D. is right!”


Those seats are not going to buy themselves!


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